Poem a Day Challenge Day 6: Post Poem


She posted the sign for all to see
LOST CAT, it read in streaked, bold letters
The ink wasn’t permanent
but her love was

Her heart hurt because HE had replaced
the kitten whose life ended abruptly
in the street
by a car

THIS cat had brought joy
to the tear-stained cheeks of the girl and her two sisters
and now he was GONE

HE was the FAST one
HE had won the contest when it was time to get a new pet

She and her sisters had visited a friend
They put the three kittens on one side of the room
They put a bowl of milk on the other
The first one there was THE cat
Surely he’d be faster
and not die as the one before

No, but he became lost
and her poster had big, bold letters

His visit wasn’t permanent
my love for him was.

Now I was lost as well.


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