Family, Faith and Fun: Firsts


ImageWhen I think of “firsts,” I think of fascination. Like at my inaugural Piano Guys concert last year. Soon after seeing their artistry and love for music I attended another special event just days before Christmas – the voice and piano concert for my almost 18 year old niece in another city. As I sat in the “yeah, our family takes up a whole row” section the pleasure of music and performance was wrapped in joy and handed to me to savor. It wasn’t a big stretch. Did I mention being on the front row?

When I think of “firsts,” I think of skill. Like the 26 years ago when my husband and I decorated a Christmas tree as a newly married couple. It definitely didn’t win any design awards – especially since it was only donned from the top to about halfway. Sure, we were short on ornaments but we also had a kitten and it was really, really found of climbing trees, fake or not! Now, with both adult sons busy living life, I discovered a new skill. Outside Christmas Light Helper. While my husband perched on the ladder, I dutifully held the strands above my head like a dedicatory offering so he could reach them. We still didn’t win any design awards, but we averted using a burnt out strand end by wrapping it around the roof edge to the side of the house where it hung lifelessly.  

When I think of “firsts,” I think of wonder. My mom definitely has the corner on “wonder” when it comes to Christmas or pretty much any holiday or visit. But not only did we do the usual Christmas feast with 14 people at the dining room table, we had our first ever “Bailey Burger Bash” the weekend before so we could enjoy being with our two oldest nephews before they left to be with family in another state. I am amazed as I watch my mom keep the wonder alive after all these years. While traditions are important, she also realizes there’s room to grow them, change them, and otherwise lovingly massage them into what they need to be. But she always makes sure to keep the main ingredient, the main ingredient: action grounded in the love she’s experienced in God.

When I think of “firsts,” I think of discovery. Like at my niece’s concert, where I heard a new song, My Adult Christmas List. Like attending my friend’s tree lighting (with real candles), sharing her German heritage and hearing her sing Silent Night in German. Like today, when I hung our family photo calendar on the kitchen nail where I can see it while eating my first bowl of steel-cut oatmeal.

Yep, “firsts” rank up there for me. Even the ones on the calendar – like today.