FUN: It Might Be, We’ll See


Man. Halloween’s impending arrival is giving me high blood pressure. I REALLY want to participate by dressing in a surprising costume but I’m cheap. And I don’t want to spend much time on it. And I don’t want to look too stupid. And…I think you get the idea.

Don’t get me wrong. I think everyone – even adults – should enjoy a good day of “playing pretend.” Fortunately, I work in a place that values creativity – even the fun external sort involving dressing up – not just unique approaches to creating ideas or reaching customers.


The problem is – I work at a public, magnet, middle school for the performing arts. We have 9 arts areas including vocal music, dance, drama, technical theatre, creative writing, orchestra, band, guitar and visual arts. Hence, you can see my dilemma. I swim daily in an ocean of excitement and the “wow” factor!

Now, the easiest route would be to wander down to the tech room and ask my colleague who maintains the costume area if I could borrow from the 3 billion items in the costume room. Nah. That’s the lazy approach. I may be cheap but I’m not lazy. But I am resourceful but no…I’m going to find my own idea.

My colleague is prepared to be Katniss, the main character from The Hunger Games. She also has a beautiful long royal gown and Shrek ears for years her “Fiona years.”  The thing is she can pull these off because she’s so petite and it just works for her.


My previous efforts have ranked in the lame category. It’s so bad, in fact, that I only remember one of my costumes and I’ve been at my school for five. I was a duck. Yep. Not Donald Duck. A random, everyday duck. I wore yellow rubber gloves on my feet and white clothes. I decorated a white baseball cap with huge Styrofoam eyes and covered the bill with orange felt for my beak. I’m done with ducks. No more fowl costumes!


So, I’ve been looking online for ideas. From Martha Stewart to lists of inanimate objects such as a piece of gum. That’s where you wear all pink and have a fake table top out of cardboard on your head with a tablecloth and place settings. Or then there’s a chia pet. You simply cover yourself in duck tape and roll around to pick up grass from your lawn. That’s more my effort level.

I’m very picky you see. I’m too tall to be a yellow minion (from Despicable Me); I can’t swim, so Nemo is out. Where, oh where, is a fairy godmother when you need her? If she’s really worth it she’s multitalented and isn’t confined to dressing one for a royal ball.

So not only is the idea important, so is its execution. I mentioned the other day to a friend that while in college I dressed as a bunch of grapes. That involved wearing a black leotard and tights and pinning purple balloons all over. Unfortunately, I had to ride a bus with other college students to a Halloween party and well, it was better for me to stand than sit.

My costume must also be one that still allows me to teach, however. I’m all for having fun while learning so that’s why this is taking up so much space in my brain. Additionally, I must be able to wend my way through over-crowded hallways without tripping or causing others to, and well, you know, be cool.


This whole deal is easier when you’re a kid. You can dress like a ladybug and get lots of smiles. Not so much when you’re 50 and 5 feet tall. Can you say mutant?

So, off I go again to research because as you know, it has everything. Somehow, I WILL beat this lack- of-costume-idea stalemate. If I can teach preteens as a fulltime occupation, certainly I can find a costume both fun (and cheap) that would rock the house, I mean school.

Wish me luck.

Or better yet, leave me ideas in your comments!