Fun: Not really, but I’ll tell you why


I have a confession.

It’s about bad taste and my lack of a sufficiently savory cinnamon when it comes to my morning oatmeal.

Seriously, I want to be successful in my quest. But so far, my search efforts stink!

I’d tried the expensive stuff in glass jars from my grocery store – even the cheap stuff in little packets. (Stop shaking your head!) I sent one of my sons to a nationally known kitchen goods store, which only had sticks and jars of cinnamon sugar!

My journey even extended to an import store. While there, I stood scanning shelves hoping that SOMEWHERE in the world the perfect package of cinnamon had been shipped there so I would have the opportunity to experience happiness at breakfast.

Perhaps I’m a bit obsessive.

A bit? You say. OK. A lot! I just don’t understand why it’s so hard and so expensive to find a superior cinnamon. And if you’re going to tell me to just shred the sticks, I’m going to admit it – to the whole cyberworld. I’m lazy! And a little scared, too.

What should I do?

This morning madness hounds me as I microwave what my husband calls “cement porridge.” I even add vanilla flavored protein powder and parlay several squirts of spray butter before hesitating and staring at it – knowing that just one more simple flavor would be perfect.

Ah, cinnamon. Why do you elude me so?

Perhaps my blog readers can help solve this dilemma.

Otherwise, I’ll be forced to have bad taste – for the rest of my life!

Just wondering:
Do you know where I can find the perfect partner for my oatmeal? Please help me by posting your insight into spice. I’ll be forever grateful.


Family: A Matter of Mothers


From left: my grandmother , my twin sisters, me, mom.


A mother’s love matters
It helps you see through tears
It believes better days lie ahead
It comforts amid life’s storms 

It helps you see through tears
It gently smoothes life’s rough parts
It comforts amid life’s storms
It’s strong when you aren’t 

It gently smoothes life’s rough parts
It believes better days lie ahead
It’s strong when you aren’t
A mother’s love matters 

Copyright 2008 

Just wondering:
I realize that everyone may not have a mother like the one described above. Even if you don’t, that’s OK. Feel free to  post a note to tell us how other women and their influence matter in your life?

FAITH: Here, There and Everywhere


Here. There. Everywhere.

I frequently find myself in these locations. I don’t usually plan it – you know, it just happens. Well, not always. And no, if my friends were jumping off a cliff, I wouldn’t be joining them.

I do, however, come precariously close to employing that “follower” mentality when I continually find myself – you know – here, there and everywhere (henceforth known as HTE.)

There have been times I went elsewhere. When I did, it made the difference between:

— hope and true help and
–simply feeling better for sharing with someone to simply knowing God and trusting Him more because His direction is The Way.

Sometimes situations sneak into my life tossing me HTE. Other times, I land there because I’m engrossed in surveying those I know and respect for their input and insight.

What’s wrong with that, you ask? Nothing inherently  – unless I fail to follow through. Following through means taking the advice and prayer of others on my behalf with me to my counselor – my Wonderful Counselor.

So what should I do? I think I found the answer when my Bible flopped open to Psalm 16:7. It says: I will praise the Lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.

I say it’s time for me to “get on with the praisin’ ” and for me to remember this Wonderful Counselor’s true identity. (He can be yours as well!)

Want His qualifications? Read on.

This Wonderful Counselor (henceforth WC, for short):

 created me in His OWN image!  Gen. 1:27;
 knows my name – not just by a sheep sound!  John 10:3;

 knows my needs even before I know my needs! Matthew 6:8;
 is consistent and a perfect protector!  – Hebrews 13:8 and Proverbs 30:5;

 dispenses truth and wisdom freely – no rainchecks or limits! James 1:5;
 heals because He suffered. – 1 Peter 2:24;

 knows the answers to my dilemmas – James 4:10; and
 loves me with His everlasting love – Jeremiah 31:3.

While my WC does allow others to listen and encourage me, I get into trouble when I ascribe to them what only He can do and give. Therefore, when I’m not with Him, that’s when I find myself  HTE!

Rememberelsewhere exists!

The Wonderful Counselor is available for you 24/7. And no appointment, referral or co-pay is required!

Just wondering:
How has the WC helped you when you’ve been HTE? Leave a post! It will probably minister to another reader!

Fun: The Geese on Bowden Road


I always glance to the right – not to be a “distracted driver”, but to admire the beautiful geese that somehow find congregating by a drainage pond in the ‘burbs an inviting place to hang.

I imagine what they say to each other, all gathered on the bank, closer to the road than seems naturally safe. Their tail feathers wiggle in unison – almost as if they’re voting on official “goose business.”

Maybe humans who zoom here and there, back and forth on Bowden Road don’t care or even see the geese, but I do. I  think they’re brave to claim their stake among the development. A strip mall nearby houses one of my city’s oldest chain bbq restaurants. An adjacent road links to a main distribution facility for a national soft drink company and well, that not so desirable drainage pond.

Springtime brings with it new beauty:  geese floating across the pond. I thrill inside when I see that all the swimmers aren’t the same size. The babies – lighter in color and more fuzzy than feathered – are well chaperoned on the water and actively practicing “gooselike things.” Confidence guides them from one side of the retention pond to the other – and humans race by in cars driving, texting, coming, going…

But the absolute best about The Geese on Bowden Road is the claim they make to their right to change locations. And sometimes, it literally means crossing the road and getting to the other side.

That’s when my smile is its broadest and my heart at its happiest –  because without any posted special crossing signs or accommodations – The Geese on Bowden Road march in formation, resolute in their efforts to leave the man-made pool and its surrounding cushy grass.

Then, The Geese on Bowden Road pad across the sun-warmed pavement and watch as the humans finally stop to notice.

Family, Faith and Fun


Loved by family. Sustained by faith in Jesus. And just enjoying frivolity, fun and nonsense.

These three topics are why I created this blog. These three topics are pillars of my writing foundation. These three topics are what I want to share with you.

Thanks for stopping.

Want a place where humor results in laughter instead of blushing? where you might even connect to stories of family struggle AND triumph? where your soul sits down for a moment of replenishment? Then you’re at the right place.

The welcome mat is out. Come on in.

Let’s share family, faith and fun – together.