Faith: A Personalized Psalm


Last night in the ladies Bible study group I attend we studied Psalm 23.

While there, I felt impressed to write a personalized version. Try adding your name and personalizing it for you!

The Lord is the shepherd of
Cheryl, Jack, Jared and Matthew,
[insert YOUR names, too!]

We shall not want because our needs
are continually being met and will always be met in Him –
the spiritual ones,
the physical ones,
the psychological ones,
you name the need – there are no exemptions.

He makes us to lie down in green pastures – they’ll refresh us.
Who knows what they’ll be like but we trust they will be available and beautiful.
Why else would God mention their greenness?

He restores our souls back to their pristine and whole conditions –
it’s not a one-time thing;
he will continue to do so because that’s what he does;

He will lead us in paths of righteousness –
paths that are parallel to him, not ones that takes us on rabbit trails
to distract us so life passes us and we feel it’s been wasted

For His name’s sake –
his character is constantly confirmed by this.

Yea, though we will WALK through the valley of the shadow of death,
[I’d rather run],
but He says we will walk.

It’s a valley.
That’s the low point,
there’s sunshine on either side.
We don’t have to fear evil –
be it from others,
our culture,
or the sin in which we find ourselves –
that’s because we are NOT alone.
God IS with us,

He is NOT next door
distracted with someone else’s issues, concerns or needs;
He is NOT snoozing and too busy to be with us.

Your rod and your staff, they comfort us.
You know where we are going.
The rod can beat down distractions, danger and more.
Your staff is our moving fence to keep us close to you. You desire that, too!

You, God, prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies –
enemies of attitudes, sin, the wedging into our lives of untruth,
the all out frontal assaults to our thinking.

You annoint our heads with oil –
by setting us here and now for a perfect purpose –
knowing and loving YOU.

Your plan for us is best even when WE don’t think so.
Our cups – our lives – are more than full
because YOUR love,
YOUR blessing,
YOUR direction and YOUR protections are unlimited –
you won’t run out.

Surely – really and truly – this is true becaue of who God is.
It’s not made up!
Goodness and mercy – the ones from God! – will follow me
all the dreary days,
all the sleepless nights
and through unseemingly endless challenges.

And we will all be welcome in God’s house.
He’ll answer the door Himself
and say, “Come on in.”

Stay awhile.

How about forever?