FAITH: Before Google there was God!


First, let me say I’m all for technology.

What would I do without electricity? It would keep me from one of my most pleasurable tasks – cooking – and bring able to see what I write. What would I do without gasoline? I’d probably be in better shape by riding my bike, but reality predicts a tougher way to get to my employment. I could become an expert bus map reader but let’s put it this way. I should have paid more attention in geography to have better map skills. Let’s just say, with three men in my family, I took the lazy way out and simply asked, “Are we there yet?”

Without technology, my writing students might actually have to hand write all their assignments but they would live.. Camping type cooking isn’t bad. Hey, I haven’t verified this and it might be urban legend, but I heard that Vikings (not the football team) used their metal shields as makeshift grilling surfaces. Now that sounds fun…sort of. So technically, I could survive. Without technology, I couldn’t cook with the ease I do know – or write in the light with my colored ink pens

Recently I went to a women’s dinner with my mom. About 100 ladies were there to hear a woman tell us her story. She was humorously funny in a sarcastic sort of way and she told about how she met God personally. As she spoke, each table of ladies was instructed to pass around a cute makeshift “lava lamp” made from a large bottle filled with water, vegetable oil, and food coloring. As the lamp headed your way, you were to “feed it” with Alka Seltzer tablets to make it do its thing. A fun ice breaker, and made me wish I had now paid more attention in science class so I knew the reasons behind the chemical reactions taking place. Saying, “Wow, that’s cool,” really didn’t express much depth, but I digress.

So how did the team of ladies responsible for the evening and its 70s theme decorations determine this lava lamp idea? They “googled” it, of course.

What’s funny to me is that I didn’t even know the word “google” 10 years ago and now it’s a verb! AND I “google” regularly. What’s a “skinny” recipe for Thanksgiving? Where’s a photo of the Inuit people I can show in my writing class? Where’s a video I can embed in a presentation to demonstrate for them the word undulation? You really should check out Utube video demonstrating undulation by using a robotic salamander.

So there. Googling is the answer – to most things. And while I realize that there are differences in the comparison I’m fixing to draw, I’m hoping you will go with me as I elaborate.

Instant information. Seas of statistics. Volumes of video. They’re great. Really. I’m using them in various parts of my life, but I’m drowning.

What I’d like to think about for a few minutes is that God, in his everlasting loving ways, stands ready to meet us with answers to the even more important questions of life. No, he wouldn’t define undulation but he gave me a brain to use my tool – a dictionary. I think you understand where I’m going here.

I could google myself into oblivion, fill my mind with important and unimportant information but the fact is….God was….present….before the technology…before the sun shone the first time…before the fish swam in their first schooling pattern.

So while I’m thankful for technology, today I am MORE glad to know God. For years I knew about him, measured my “worthiness” by my sweet intentions (which of course were numerous AND generous)! I am glad to know that God knows what it is like to lose a loved one. My grief over my sister’s passing last year is no surprise to him. He understands. The Bible says he even stores my tears in jars. I’m counting on an ample inventory of those! In fact, his son even died. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. Heartache is no stranger to God.

I’m glad God understands my highs, my lows, my goals, my dreams – and yes I still have goals and dreams although I’m about to crack the half-century mark. About 5 years ago, God spared my life in a 5-car highway pileup where I was in the middle, with my kids and our car totaled. No other cars sustained much damage. I remember seeing the hood of my car folding itself back and forth like an accordion folk and heading toward the windshield. I also sensed God’s invisible hand of protection as if He said to the car, you can only come to here. I’m sparing her.

I’m glad God created music. Coincidence is not the word I use to describe the many times the songs I’ve heard have made my spirit lighter, my face smile and be a vehicle for tears to finally escape.

I’m glad God goes before me and behind me and is with me. The Bible says His ways are not our ways and I certainly believe that. That ability is an impossible one for humans and all the time He does this, He makes sure we are not alone because He makes sure to be there as well.

So, while I love Google and the wide, wide world of information and computers, I still believe I love God more. Yes, it can be a drawback sometimes to not physically be able to see Him but I have also lived long enough to see evidence of His love through perfectly timed words, prayers and other amazing circumstances in my life.