FAITH: A way with words


Recently, the creative writing department at the middle school where I teach held internal auditions for students interested in adding other arts area classes to their schedule. I read this poem in one of the portfolios presented to me. With the author’s kind consent, I am including it for you to read. 


I may not be the prettiest.
I may have done things I regret.
I may not be the smartest.
I may not have the best life.
But I have a good heart.
I try my best.
I stand up for what I believe in.
I have true friends.
I have a great relationship with Jesus.
I may not be what everyone thinks is perfect, but I know that Jesus
made me perfect in his eyes.
And that’s all that matters to me!
— Naomi R.
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Poem a Day Challenge Day 19: A Burn Poem




Fires are meant to be extinguished. Burns cared for.

Poem a Day Challenge Day 18: I am ________


I am wanting to pack up my flannel jammies.
It’s April in Florida
and I still need them
for those sneaky nights that make me shiver.

Is Spring REALLY here?

Poem a Day Challenge Day 17: An express poem


A hot dog in 60 seconds;
A left lane for faster traffic;
A grocery line for “10 items or less;”
A tweet;
An update;
An email.

But do they really reveal
what i see in a smile or sense in a hug?

I MUCH prefer low tech expression.

Poem a Day Challenge Day 16: Possible or Impossible Poem


Is the difference between
possible and impossible
more than a prefix or less than it?

Is it foolish hohe?
A dashed dream?
Or is it finding strength
when no one else is watching?

And continuing to LIVE…
and love…
and dream…
No matter the outcome?

Poem a Day Challenge 15: Infested Poem


Woven among hopes
are the thoughts of a future shining brightly
and a past of dark
and chilling times

Woven among dreams
are the breaths quickened by wondering
if they could REALLY be…

Woven among love
are the memories of failed attempts
and earnest efforts
but no success.

I much prefer the infestation of hopes and dreams.

Poem a Day Challenge Day 14: Sonnet (14 line poem)


Oh, chocolate chip mint ice cream
Your sale price
lands you in my grocery cart
A treat for a visiting son
Yet, YOU called to ME
and said
“Just one serving
and you’ll be through
as no one watches
and you measure me
to ake sure.”
But alas,
one serving
was NOT enough.