Fun: Trotting with Turkeys


ImageI’ll admit it. Though I’m a Gator graduate, I love the Seminoles. However, my heart also has a “special spot” for turkeys – and not the type you eat, the type who do the 1 mile Turkey Gobbler, the type who do the 5K, 10k and 15k at this year 38th Annual Tallahassee Turkey Trot.

I can’t remember (always a good fall back line) how my family became entangled in this tradition I enjoy so much. None are serious runners –  well, except for my sister who’s conquered 8 marathons. Between us, participants range in age from 14 to 79.

The comfortable locale is set in a business park/neighborhood community, Last year, on Thanksgiving morning, we joined the 5,900+ other fun seekers who participated in the four races and raised more than $43,000 for three local nonprofits. People pay entry fees. No surprise there. People get shirts. No surprise there but what I really dig is that people also bring donations of clothing, personal care supplies, etc. to fill U-Hauls for distribution to residents who need them. Additionally, people called Turkey Trot Heroes tack on at least $35 to their entry fees, which then goes directly to the supported nonprofits.

I imagine there are (human) turkeys trotting throughout the United States in the same manner, but I can’t help but feel akin to those in my hometown. So, yes, this year, I continue the tradition with mystery beginnings. I’ll lace up, corral the relatives and get trottin’.

It’s being able to participate in events like this that remind me to thank God for knees that still bend without pain, for fun-loving folks with charitable hearts, for togetherness. Oh, yeah. And after recovering from my athletic impersonation, I get to be with my family and have a Thanksgiving dinner. Now that’s something to gobble about!




Faith: You have 2 Minutes


ImageOnce a year, I usually give my 6th-8th grade creative writing students a prompt that goes something like this:

If you had two minutes and the whole world’s attention, what would you say and how?

Here was the response I wrote last time I re-visited this idea:

I would count it a privilege to have the entire world’s attention for 2 minutes. It’s humbling to think everyone and everything would come to a point of complete silence to listen – to me.

Would I tell jokes?

Probably not. I can be funny but I don’t think I’d use the time for that even though we can all use a little levity in life.

Would I rant and rave about life’s unfairness and how heartache is so deeply woven into it?

Probably not. I can list my woes as quickly as anyone else so I’m not sure others would want to hear that. We all have tender times where life beats us back and forth.

I think what I WOULD do with those 2 minutes is this:

I would want every person to hear, to know and to understand in their own languages how precious they are. I would want them to know they are worthwhile BEYOND human comprehension, unique and deeply loved by God.

It’s fine if they have different belief systems.

They may not believe in Him but I can guarantee you HE believes in THEM!

 I’d want people to know they’re never alone and that He’s made the difference in my life.

Venue? Logistics? No real preferences here. I’d even be fine if they only heard me – they don’t have to see me. I would like the setting to enhance and not distract from the message.

I’d probably speak for one minute and give them the other minute to think about it.

Time’s up.

What would YOU do with 2 minutes and the world’s attention? I’d love to know. Please leave a comment.

Faith: I Love Anonymous Sayings


Here’s one that makes me think:

Great souls have WILLS,
          feeble souls have WISHES.
– Anonymous


Family: First Coast Families and Seasonal Celebrations written by me!


See my story in Family!


Pages 42-44.

Fun: A Poem


I am a writer.

I wonder if I’ll ever get my writing office organized.

I hear the lovely sound of silence so I can write.

I see a computer keyboard awaiting my words.

I want to publish nationally and still have my simple life at home.

I pretend to know where my rough drafts and research are stored on my computer.

I feel exhilarated when words spill out and my hands have a hard time keeping up with my brain.

I touch my calling to write, encourage and point to Jesus.

I worry if words clog between inspirations.

I cry if I over research because it’s hard to balance depth and actual writing time.

I am a writer.

I understand times bylines and times of anonymity.

I say words matter, but Jesus is THE Word.

I dream to encourage others and hold a copy of a children’s book I’m yet to write.

I try to make my writing meaningful, worthwhile, educational, uplifting.

I hope I can leave a written legacy for my family.

I am a writer.

Fun: It’s OK to be a Follower


ImageThe image you see to the left is called a WordPress trophy. I’d like to say I earned it but to be honest, the 10 new people deciding to follow my blog earned it for me. It is encouraging when others find your blog, take the time to read and even post comments. The ability to write and encourage others in 5 minutes or less is what I feel is my “mission” and I am thankful because God allows me to see and experience life and then have a serious desire to transform it into words to share.

So, thank you for my first blogging trophy! If you would like to follow (which means be notified by email when I update), just click the following link you see!

Happy Thursday!


Family: A Real Supporter


Family: A Real Supporter

Army Reservist Lance Sellon boosts son Gabe to salute marchers in the Jacksonville, FL Veterans Day Parade on Monday, Nov. 22, 2013. A special thank you for Lance’s 23 years of service. Happy Belated Veteran’s Day! (Photo by Katherine Holt Sellon)