Family and FAITH: Of Accidents and Angels


Life's intersections create change.


My first car accident was at 5:30 one morning on the way to a rock radio station where I wrote the morning news. Slippery roads and a heavy foot took me on a free, 360 degree spin ride and slammed my car against a fence. 

Though less than 2 miles from home, I asked the police officer to take me to my dad’s office, where he had to be pulled out of a presentation he was doing on driver safety. Meanwhile, a friend who noticed my car, went to my home, asked mom where I was and said he said my car kissing the fence. 

I was 18. 

My second accident totaled the car I was driving. As the third car in a five car pileup on the interstate, I saw brake lights ahead and could do nothing but try to minimize the impact, which lifted the SUV in front of us. As I saw the front end of my car crinkle toward me like an accordion I sensed God’s hand cover the windshield as if to say, “You can crunch, but only this far.” The impact sent my glasses air born and needless to say, I was late getting my passengers to middle school. 

I was a mother of teens. 

And then, the other morning God awakened me at 6 a.m. All I could sense was an urgency to pray – for anyone, everyone, family, friends, those I don’t know facing problems I don’t know. 

At 8:10 a.m. the call came. “Dad, I’ve been in an accident, but everyone’s OK,” the matter-of-fact voice said. 

He is 18. 

While waiting for police to show up and write the report, my son looked at me and said, “We were lucky.” 

From somewhere in my soul, my mouth spoke. “No. You were prayed for,” I replied and recounted my early morning talk with God. 

I’ve always been concerned about making faith or God seem like good luck charms for life because they aren’t. I know people are in car accidents and have other events occur in their lives without good endings. But I do know that when our lives intersect in unexpected ways with others – through car crashes, decisions or consequences – our lives change. 

Mine changes. I’d like to say it changes daily for the better. Maybe others can see changes before I do. What I do know, however, is that intersections in life can be good. They cause us to pause and consider. It probably gives guardian angels a breather, too. 

After arriving at the accident scene, the other driver  introduced herself as Angel. The car belonged to her pastor. I guess intersections can’t be all bad. 

Just wondering: consider the most recent intersection in your life. Did you pause to consider how God wants you to continue through it? Ask him for His directions for your life.


9 thoughts on “Family and FAITH: Of Accidents and Angels

  1. shana

    i really enjoyed reading this. life for me, right now, seems to be one big intersection. one of the ministers at my church referred to it as inertia… some force causing us to either move in one direction or change our path and cause us to move in a different direction. that’s where my family and i are right now, and i’m finding the best thing for us is to just be obedient and move. thanks for your insight.


    • Shana:
      Thanks for taking a few minutes to read! I almost think life is one of three places: coming up to an intersection, sitting at it ready to cross and looking both ways or just having crossed the intersection and continuing on. Now matter where we are in life, your reminder to be obedient will always make sure we arrive where we are supposed to arrive, when we are supposed to arrive there. I’ll be praying for you and your family! – Cheryl


  2. M.Schmoyer

    Oh how blessed we are to share in these gifts God has given you as a writer Cheryl! Thank you for sharing. Indeed… we have at last crossed that intersection and are continuing on but never to forget those who walked with us along the journey.


  3. Connie

    I have enjoyed all of your stories over the last 4 months. Your questions at the end of this one are thought provoking. Our crossroad was Don’s ‘cancer’ experience last year. We haven’t exactly ‘paused’ to consider where God wants us what we learned from this experience, but we do know that we are not finished with it… yet. How and what we are to do in the future has not been revealed. I think I know what we should be doing, however, whether that is God’s direction is yet to be revealed. Blessing’s to you and your family in 2010. Connie


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