FUN: Hairy Idea

I’m on my Rapunzel Quest.

Today I began a 12 to 18-month experiment. I didn’t plan it. I just showed at my usual hair cutting place for revitalized color and hair help.

Kerri, my personal miracle worker, did the usual: escorted me to the chair, chit chatted a while and then asked the question I always dread:

“So, what are we doing this time?”

Gosh, I always forget to decide BEFORE I arrive. I rely on her expert advice to tell me what to do! All week,  I’ve told middle schoolers how to improve their writing, that we support one another and to use their self-control. I’m all out of decision-making energy until…

an unexpected idea emerges.

“What do you think about me growing my hair long enough to give to a worthy cause such as Locks of Love?” I asked.

“You could do it,” Kerri said confidently.

“But I don’t think it grows very fast anymore,” I said, trying to dismiss this hallucination.

“It would take 12 to 18 months, but you could do it,” she said. 

We discussed the idea between me instructing her to color me more brownish instead of reddish this time. 

Holy cow! Where did this idea come from? I remember being in a similar situation as I approached 40. “I should have a goal,” I told myself. So I decided that before the big day, I should experience my inaugural snow skiing adventure in the beautiful state of Colorado.

And I did.

So here I am two years out from another decade. Maybe I needed spontaneity – I think I remember what that means! Maybe I enjoy surprises and watching others’ expressions when I tell them unexpected news. Maybe I just want to see if it’s possible. Heck, the last time I had locks of any impressive length was when they were at my waist in 2nd grade. I have the picture, overbite and big plastic glasses frames to prove it – but that’s another story.

The thought of actually having a ponytail again seems impossible – but I like challenges.

The Pantene hair products company has a program called Beautiful Lengths. The minimum is 8″ so we’ll see how long it actually takes. Kerri assured me she would carefully monitor the process  and enable me to bypass any mullet-looking stage.

So, here I go! Each month I’ll post a picture and running commentary about my Rapunzel Quest. Next time: details about what requirements donated hair must meet.

Hint: one is no more than 5 percent gray. All I can say to this one is thank goodness for hair color!  

Just wondering: Tell me about an on-the-spot decision you remember making. What did you do and what were your results?


5 thoughts on “FUN: Hairy Idea

  1. Joanne

    You can TOTALLY do this!!! I donated my hair to them this year, and it was the BEST feeling!!! Can’t wait to see the pictorial progress!!!


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