Fun: The Geese on Bowden Road


I always glance to the right – not to be a “distracted driver”, but to admire the beautiful geese that somehow find congregating by a drainage pond in the ‘burbs an inviting place to hang.

I imagine what they say to each other, all gathered on the bank, closer to the road than seems naturally safe. Their tail feathers wiggle in unison – almost as if they’re voting on official “goose business.”

Maybe humans who zoom here and there, back and forth on Bowden Road don’t care or even see the geese, but I do. I  think they’re brave to claim their stake among the development. A strip mall nearby houses one of my city’s oldest chain bbq restaurants. An adjacent road links to a main distribution facility for a national soft drink company and well, that not so desirable drainage pond.

Springtime brings with it new beauty:  geese floating across the pond. I thrill inside when I see that all the swimmers aren’t the same size. The babies – lighter in color and more fuzzy than feathered – are well chaperoned on the water and actively practicing “gooselike things.” Confidence guides them from one side of the retention pond to the other – and humans race by in cars driving, texting, coming, going…

But the absolute best about The Geese on Bowden Road is the claim they make to their right to change locations. And sometimes, it literally means crossing the road and getting to the other side.

That’s when my smile is its broadest and my heart at its happiest –  because without any posted special crossing signs or accommodations – The Geese on Bowden Road march in formation, resolute in their efforts to leave the man-made pool and its surrounding cushy grass.

Then, The Geese on Bowden Road pad across the sun-warmed pavement and watch as the humans finally stop to notice.


8 thoughts on “Fun: The Geese on Bowden Road

  1. Claire

    I love it – the funny thing is apart from the different location you could be talking about the geese in our neighborhood that do the same thing! The only difference is that they frequently change pond within the neighborhood!


    • Claire: Thank you for commenting. Maybe we should take an unofficial poll to find out how prevalent these beautiful fowl are around town. They just seem so out of place and so at-home at the same time. As a Christ follower I feel that way a lot living here in earth.

      — Cheryl


  2. I love the geese who seem to stay longer and longer each year. They congregate in our neighborhood, near where I shop, along my commute and in our office park. Sometimes I think I live in Canada not Florida.

    I was recently in awe of a family of geese who decided to cross a 4-lane divided highway during a busy morning commute. The father faithfully and fearlessly led the way with babies in between he and his mate. I anxiously prayed that distracted drivers would see them in time and stop. Fortunately, they did. I thanked God and asked Him to help my husband and I fearlessly lead our daughter through the often perilous path of life.

    Faith, family and fun are great topics to share. I look forward to your take on them.


  3. I love this piece about the Geese of Bowden Road. I pass by the Geese everyday coming home from work. I am amazed by their beauty. I often see a woman who parks her car and spends time feeding the geese.


    • cheryl


      I saw the woman feeding the geese yesterday as I was one of THOSE drivers speeding home between school and having to be back for a performance. I wish I could’ve parked the car and gone to meet her. She wasn’t just standing on the sidewalk making them come to her, she was out in the grass, in her work clothes, lovingly giving them bread. What a picture of God. Wow.


  4. Phyllis Cooper, PhD

    Thanks for the story…it is a way to keep us grounded to the things that really are important…watching geese or bees or clouds. I appreciate the reminder that life is made up of all the small things, those things that make us smile


    • cheryl

      Hi, Phyllis:

      Thank you for your comments. Isn’t it amazing how something so simple helps keep us “grounded?” I’m glad you connected with the piece and hope the Lord provides you more and more smiles and reminders each day.


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