Family, Faith and Fun


Loved by family. Sustained by faith in Jesus. And just enjoying frivolity, fun and nonsense.

These three topics are why I created this blog. These three topics are pillars of my writing foundation. These three topics are what I want to share with you.

Thanks for stopping.

Want a place where humor results in laughter instead of blushing? where you might even connect to stories of family struggle AND triumph? where your soul sits down for a moment of replenishment? Then you’re at the right place.

The welcome mat is out. Come on in.

Let’s share family, faith and fun – together.


19 thoughts on “Family, Faith and Fun

    • cheryl

      Hi, Cheryl:

      Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. I hope you will be encouraged and have a few chuckles along the way as you read.

      Please remember to let others know and if you want to subscribe, just click the RSS button on my home page. No spamming, I promise.


  1. Good Morning Cheryl,

    I really enjoyed your story about the geese. We just happened to have about a dozen enjoying our front pond as we headed to church yesterday.

    I missed seeing you and Jack yesterday. Everything ok?



    • Lynn:

      You’re ALWAYS welcome to drop by! I hope you will come regularly, I plan to post two to three times a week. Hey, it’s free except for the time it takes to read! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in mind.


    • cheryl

      J & S:
      I see you! Please spread the word to our other technically savvy fam in Alabam. I love you guys. Please pass the word to your friends and invite them to stop by for some laughs and encouragement.


  2. Darlene

    Hello Cheryl,

    Great blog – and great way to start with our neighborhood geese.
    They are quite amazing and an example of God’s world in our lives,
    when we take the time to look!! Thanks!


    • cheryl

      Dear Darlene:

      Isn’t it just like God to use geese to remind us of Him! Thanks for reading and posting a comment. Please come back often or click the RSS button on the right of my home page to subscribe. It won’t even cost you anything – except a little time…minimal…I promise!


  3. Julie Wood

    Hi Cheryl,
    I love seeing the duck and geese families swimming in formation. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your blog. I’ll be checking in for the family and humor writings. Sounds great!


    • cheryl


      Thanks for stopping by and posting a note. To subscribe, simply click on the RSS button on the right side of my home page and you will be automatically notified when I post – probably twice a week.

      I appreciate being on your “reading list.”


  4. Melissa Workman

    Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for adding me to your blog. I worked on Bowden Road for 13 years (Accent On Hair) and passed the geese in the pond each day. I never really paid much attention to them as I was hurrying to get to my first appointment. Now, retired, we watch a family across the creek from our house every day. There was a family of four. Mama, Dad and two very small babies. We sat out every afternoon and observed the parents with their heads held high, watching their babies. They walked around and then went for a swim, but their parents always were aware of where they were. Now, the babies are the size of the parents and they are still in the same area. Only, the parents are more relaxed with their children. We look for this family every day and are always so relieved when we realize they are still a unit. Sometimes we are so busy that we forget to notice what’s really important. Thanks for reminding me.


  5. Kay Huffaker

    This is great! I’ll be looking for more each week. I love spiritually uplifting “stuff”, Family “stuff” and who couldn’t use a chuckle in this day and age. Keep up the good work.


    • Aunt Kay:
      Thanks for your note and support. Please let others know about the blog and encourage them to subscribe as well. All they have to do is click the purple button to be automatically notified when I post. It will be twice a week.


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