Fun: A Poem


I am a writer.

I wonder if I’ll ever get my writing office organized.

I hear the lovely sound of silence so I can write.

I see a computer keyboard awaiting my words.

I want to publish nationally and still have my simple life at home.

I pretend to know where my rough drafts and research are stored on my computer.

I feel exhilarated when words spill out and my hands have a hard time keeping up with my brain.

I touch my calling to write, encourage and point to Jesus.

I worry if words clog between inspirations.

I cry if I over research because it’s hard to balance depth and actual writing time.

I am a writer.

I understand times bylines and times of anonymity.

I say words matter, but Jesus is THE Word.

I dream to encourage others and hold a copy of a children’s book I’m yet to write.

I try to make my writing meaningful, worthwhile, educational, uplifting.

I hope I can leave a written legacy for my family.

I am a writer.