Faith: You have 2 Minutes


ImageOnce a year, I usually give my 6th-8th grade creative writing students a prompt that goes something like this:

If you had two minutes and the whole world’s attention, what would you say and how?

Here was the response I wrote last time I re-visited this idea:

I would count it a privilege to have the entire world’s attention for 2 minutes. It’s humbling to think everyone and everything would come to a point of complete silence to listen – to me.

Would I tell jokes?

Probably not. I can be funny but I don’t think I’d use the time for that even though we can all use a little levity in life.

Would I rant and rave about life’s unfairness and how heartache is so deeply woven into it?

Probably not. I can list my woes as quickly as anyone else so I’m not sure others would want to hear that. We all have tender times where life beats us back and forth.

I think what I WOULD do with those 2 minutes is this:

I would want every person to hear, to know and to understand in their own languages how precious they are. I would want them to know they are worthwhile BEYOND human comprehension, unique and deeply loved by God.

It’s fine if they have different belief systems.

They may not believe in Him but I can guarantee you HE believes in THEM!

 I’d want people to know they’re never alone and that He’s made the difference in my life.

Venue? Logistics? No real preferences here. I’d even be fine if they only heard me – they don’t have to see me. I would like the setting to enhance and not distract from the message.

I’d probably speak for one minute and give them the other minute to think about it.

Time’s up.

What would YOU do with 2 minutes and the world’s attention? I’d love to know. Please leave a comment.