NAPOWRIMO Day 2: A Journey Poem



My computer battery is going dead in 15 minutes

I’ll be making another journey

To my office

To the surge protector

Guarding my cords so as not to experience

The journey of my written works and notes

And lesson plans and emails

And “this will be helpful oneday” files

As they vanish into the atmosphere

Forever and forever


And in several hours

Before I decide to head to bed

I’ll be making the journey to my kitchen

Where my lonely Apple charger cord

Hangs listlessly in the wall awaiting for its friend

The iphone to drop by and connect


Tomorrow morning I’ll make

My usual 5-day a week journey

From my home near a hospital

To a school in downtown

Where I’ll hear slamming lockers,

Laughing students,

“Do we have to do THIS?”

And all that comes with

Being a middle school teacher.


I remind my students occasionally.

“I have already been through middle school.”

It’s their turn.

But I’m here as they make their journeys

Through adolescence,

6th grade,

7th grade,

8th grade and through the hallways

Where they’re like salmon swimming upstream.


And as I begin my journey home after another day

I’ll start all over again

But making sure this time

That when I begin writing on my computer

I won’t have to stop and make that journey to my office to

Plug into the surge protector.


That’s because it bugs me to have to stop my writing journey

For electricity.