Writing Challenge Day 5: A Taste of Childhood


I remember my childhood being full of good cooking by my mom. Many weeknights the menu contained our favorite tuna casserole. It had white ribbon pasta, tuna and a sauce with shredded cheese lightly sprinkled on top. Crunched up crackers as a topping usually accompanied it and it was usually baked and served in a 9×13 clear glass casserole dish. When the casserole was bubbly and golden, just pulled out of the oven, I knew I was about to experience culinary heaven. There might have been a tad of slurping involved but this meal was one of mom’s many magic tricks. It also helps that she was a home economics major in college.

As I got into high school I might have helped a little by crushing the crackers but the most help I was – was in eating it. I think I yearned for tuna casserole more as an adult. I didn’t make it while away at college. As the years passed, I married and had children I missed it even more especially since my family did not share my same love for it. They even likened its smell to cat food! If I made this dish, I would sit down with mom and dad so we could have it again. In fact, since I see them each month I’ll have to put that on my list!