Faith: Private Line


Photo by Stuart Miles

The following poem is one I wrote during the Poem a Day Challenge through

It is a Communication Poem.

Private Line

Hello? May I speak to God?

     God, here. What’s up, Cheryl?

Cheryl thinking: [Wow, a direct line and no numbers to punch.] Well, just checking in to say hi. I was wondering if you would clue me in on the phrase neverending love? I read about it in the book of Psalms. It’d repeated a lot. Just wondering if I could get a little clarification.


Does neverending really mean neverending or is it a synonym for “a lot?”

     It means what it says.

I can’t imagine how tiring it must be to love everyone you’ve ever created with unending love.

     I don’t tire but I can understand why you might think that.

I’m learning more and more about how supremely important it is to you.

     Indeed! And there are many scriptures that include the word love, describe my love and remind you of its presence. However, I’m especially fond of a verse in the Bible, the book of First Corinthians, chapter 13. It says that even where faith, hope and love exist – the greatest is love.

Amazing. So how do you “do” love?

     How long do you have?

Realistically? Only about 10 minutes…but I think the Bible also says I can pray without ceasing. Does that mean I could do that instead of other things?

     As in to keep from doing other things?


     Decision’s yours. I love you too much to control your choices. There are many more blessings in knowing me versus doing “good” or “religious” stuff. Anyway, back to your question.

     Here are a few examples…rainbows, hugs, a parking spot closer that last time – that’s fun to do but not my main deal. Words of encouragement at “just the right time.” A lot of my love is invisible. It involves keeping you from circumstance and situations that would have cost you even more dearly than they did, in protecting you from mistakes by you and others – not necessarily sparing you the consequences, and even holding onto you when you’re not aware of my presence.

     You know, a wise person once said “Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.” Love also comes to life as you find new understanding of who I am, the words I’ve left for you, those things, times or people that make you smile and feel refreshed by joy. It even gives something special to you – the desire to be with me more than say, on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m…

Well, my lunch is almost over. How about we pick up there next time?

     Anytime, Cheryl. I’ll look forward to it! Don’t forget. I am ALWAYS home.

Your thoughts? I look forward to hearing what you think. Can you relate to a time in your life where you directly communicated with God? Tell me about it!

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FAITH: Unswerving


The view from my office.

Call me crazy. No call me a gardener. Last year it was veggies. This year, flowers – sunflowers specifically.

The seeds I bought were plump and promising and I eagerly planted them in my 4’ x 8’ backyard garden. I love that I can see it from my office window. My carnations keeled over but that hasn’t deterred me from admiring the beauty of what did survive – the Evening Sun and Mammoth varieties of sunflowers.

Weeks went by after the planting and I like it that way. Very low maintenance is perfect for this season in my life. In the past 6 weeks, the school year ended, I survived my first full year as a middle school teacher, summer came and severe sickness arrived in my family. There was no time for tending flowers.

I pack my bags and head for my sister’s for four days – wanting to see her but anxious about reality.

“Your sunflowers are about to bloom,” my husband announces in a news bulletin sort of way right before I leave.

“Good,” I acknowledge. “I could use a little sunshine.”

When I return I see proof.  I see blossom after blossom after blossom!

Not only did the blossoms beckon me, they made me smile – something I hadn’t done in several weeks. These

I see a smile from God here.

sunflowers remind me of Christina, a beautiful woman who hired me as a preschool teacher during my transition from fulltime mom to the next step in life. They remind me of strength because those seed packets promised they’d grow to be at least 6 feet tall and they did. And they remind me that God’s best work is probably done in the dirt – of the earth and in my life.

Today I count more than 15 sturdy sunflower plants proudly parading their blossoms. I might be hallucinating – but I think the tallest might actually rotate somewhat during the day seeking out the most direct sunlight available. Maybe they don’t but just humor me here.

Let’s say that they do.

I think I could learn a lesson. Search for the sun, the Son. It almost seems as if an invisible “tractor beam” (ok, now you know I was a Trekkie) holds them in concert with the best rays at different times.

Recently, my family chose to memorize a Scripture from The Bible. It’s from the book of Hebrews, chapter 10, verse 25.

It says: Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess for He who promised is faithful.

I like that verb – unswervingly.

The life of my family has taken a large swerve lately and I’m beginning to think that if those sunflowers have it figured out when it comes to getting what they need from the source, I could take a lesson from them. Keep focused and connected.