Hello, Reader/Friend!

Instead of boring you with:

  • biographical data (such as I was born when separate hospital nurseries existed for black babies and white babies 😦 and that I had braces from 4th grade through 9th grade) OR
  • personal history (such as I didn’t learn to like pizza until 5th grade and  I’ve been “indoor skydiving.” Yes, there is such a thing. I’ve also successfully managed to make it in a house full of males – 3 human, 3 feline.)

Let’s just say I’m blessed and it’s not by MY doing!

B: eliever and follower of  Jesus
L: oved and thankful for my family
E: ager to share my professional writing with you
S: ure do enjoy a good laugh – even if at my expense
S: imple in desires
E: njoy lively family Yahtzee episodes
D: esire to encourage others through Scripture.

 If you REALLY must know more – you know, so you can “connect” to my writing – stay tuned.  And check back often as I blog about faith, family and fun.

By the way, next time, will you bring a friend and show them how to subscribe (by clicking the RSS button)?

Hey, does anyone have any cat food?