Fun: I Almost Missed It!

A small sampling of what I'm celebrating today! Paperback Book Day!

A small sampling of what I’m celebrating today! Paperback Book Day!

Alright, now. Everyone who knows me knows I love to celebrate. It doesn’t have to be a big party. It doesn’t have to be elaborate food. But it DOES need to be a celebration. Let’s face it. A celebration without the vital ingredient – hoopla – is well, not a celebration – at least in my mind. 

The aforementioned fact brings me to a sad point in today’s social media scrolling, updating, posting exercise. Generally, said exercise takes place most mornings – at least until I start teaching creative writing again in two weeks – and then I try very hard to let the world and all those I know and love have the whole rest of the day to chat and tweet and message and … you get the idea. This period of online silence brings much needed peace in my life.

Which returns me to the reason for this important post. I don’t WANT peace now when I should be celebrating what I think is a very worthwhile – be it obscure – holiday. Maybe no one else noticed or wished me a happy celebration because they’re busy fitting in last minute summer trips, writing their back to school shopping list for Florida’s tax free shopping days in Florida on Aug. 1-3. I don’t know but I DO know that it’s time for us all to sit a moment, to ponder and to recall our favorites in honor of July 30. 

For me, I remember my first in 8th grade Language Arts. It was The Citadel. I can’t remember much about it except I felt successful for actually reading the entire book. I’m sure I read others in high school but their titles escape me. Probably because I’m so flustered. Most recently, my participation involved On Writing by Stephen King; Unleash the Writer Within by Cecil Murphey, God is Just Not Fair by Jennifer Rothschild and Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. And then there are the four that my friend loaned me today at lunch. I asked her to prioritize them for me.

So according to, this is REAL since 2009. That’s when founder, website developer and content manager Jono Anderson, was creating a calendar and researching funny, weird and unique holidays to include. The effort ended up transforming into a site where events that qualified were discovered, researched and featured. Then BAM! you have one site to rule them all – a spot where you can celebrate SOMETHING every single day of the year – and multiple holidays on individual days if you wish. And everybody in the world can know!

My story isn’t quite as lively as Jono’s. His discovery is my oversight and if you’re honest, probably yours as well, but I won’t tell anyone. I discovered my almost missed opportunity for happiness inspired cheering in a tweet from

So, let’s rectify this oversight because not only is it Father-in-Law Day and Cheesecake Day. It’s Paperback Book Day! 

I’m thinking the most honorable way to observe these is to take your father in law out to celebrate his day, to buy his cheesecake (if you’re too cheap to buy a whole meal) and then, just as he is wondering how you became so knowledgeable about HIS special day – WHAMO! Whip out a paperback book as a gift – or if you’re pressed for time a gift card for said paperback.

However, since the day is almost over, I think a simple verbal expression like this Happy Paperback Book Day post will suffice! 

Now, if I can just find my Kindle. Oops. You didn’t hear me say that!


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