Poem a Day 6: A Night Poem


cartoon sleepNighttime never tormented me –
until I was an adult
and my husband said.
“Honey, you sure are snoring a lot.”

The snoring was followed
by periods of not breathing
and then
gasping to automatically revive myself,
which resulted in –
you guessed it!

Each night challenged me
daring me to
and refresh.

And then,
There was the sleep study
and temporarily placed electrodes secured
onto my pulse points,
adhered with airplane-smelling adhesive.

Why do they call it a sleep study
when you DON’T snooze well
or soundly?
But I digress.

In a separate room,
A young man in primary blue medical scrubs,
and trained in polysomography,
observes me and my circadian rhythms through the night.

He watches with electronic eyes of closed circuit technology.
He monitors his marvelously impressive medical machinery
To note and record hypopnea events
(the times I stop breathing for at least 10 seconds.)

 Finally morning arrives.
In several weeks, the follow up visit occurs
And the prognosis is decreed
Severe obstructive sleep apnea.

The prescription?
Learn to use a CPAP machine at night
To keep my airways open.

Now the snoring is gone
The gasping has ended.
I stay awake ALL day.

And my only concern
is how badly I’ll feel tomorrow
If the electricity that powers my machine goes out tonight. 


4 thoughts on “Poem a Day 6: A Night Poem

  1. Hey Cheryl, thanks for sharing your sleep journey. I sold CPAP machines to hospitals for many years and my husband now uses one, too. I understand how overwhelming it can all be, but what an amazing difference the CPAP makes to your lifestyle. The other night our power went off in the middle of the night because of an electrical storm…needless to say there were a few sleepless hours in house that night. 🙂


    • Hi, Carol: Thanks for your comment! I was thinking it would be a good topic for humor because it’s so serious. I think in “opposites” a lot! I am very thankful for my machine and after I got over being so self conscious and frustrated about needing it I saw it as God’s gift and provision. I am so glad that whomever invented it was paying attention in all their classes and had the training and wisdom to create it. I hope your hubby got a little nap the next day.


  2. George Spencer


    You “poemized” your fear very well!! Love the ‘gotcha’ at the end. J

    Sweet dreams!


    *From:* Cheryl B Lemine [mailto:comment-reply@wordpress.com] *Sent:* Tuesday, July 08, 2014 10:18 PM *To:* george@crcumc.org *Subject:* [New post] Poem a Day 6: A Night Poem

    Cheryl B. Lemine posted: “Nighttime never tormented me –until I was an adultand my husband said.”Honey, you sure are snoring a lot.”The snoring was followedby periods of not breathingand then gasping to automatically revive myself,which resulted in -you guessed it!MORE SNORING!Eac”


    • George,
      Thanks for your comment. I never imagined I’d poemize this! I always have sweet dreams when I picture myself resting in God’s palm of one hand and him covering me with the other. Welcome back!


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