Writing Challenge Day Two: Superstitions


4 leaf clover


I’m impressed with the pageantry and excitement surrounding Punxsutawney Phil’s annual prediction; let’s note: his job security is beyond compare! I do have to say, though, that while I love the lightheartedness attached to superstitions, they don’t carry much weight in my life or decisions. As a kid,  I remember hearing that four-leaf-clovers were lucky. I recall dutifully scouring patches of clover looking for one. It was fun. It was frustrating and I can’t even remember if I was successful.

I do think, though, that Phil’s prediction WOULD be a VERY valid reason for me to purchase a new piece of clothing since my shopping skills for doing so are so unimpressive. Granola bars? Check. Lunch meat? Check. BOGOs? Of course. They really should have an Olympics for grocery and household shopping because I’d get triple gold. However, shopping for clothing is another matter. I generally rely on going with my sister who lives out of town because she keeps me from wasting lots of money on styles that don’t “accentuate the positive.”

As for black cats, I think they’re a positive addition to my life. We have two and they’re both immensely loving, purring at just the right time I need to rub their bellies or backs. I’d like to think my love is not based on color.

Another superstition I remember from childhood was “step on a [sidewalk] crack, break your mother’s back.” A little extreme and I tried to avoid cracks when it was on my mind, but I don’t believe any missteps then translate into the health of my mother’s back today. If anything, she busted the crack theory and is still cranking at 77!

I’m certainly glad the apple a day thing hasn’t come into play. I’m pretty rotten at eating my fruits and veggies yet pretty happy that my social existence does not revolve around doctors’ appointments and blood tests.

It’s fun listening to future predictions. I love to imagine how today’s capabilities may morph into technologies and inventions not even yet thought of.  

Indicators of future events to which I do pay attention? The weather forecast, but I’m not impulsive. I have a weather app on my phone. I simply forget to use it. I figure any morning I’m resurrected from sound sleep and see the sun shine I’m blessed. Biblical scripture is important to me and that aspect also includes personal faith but I’m not sure we’re addressing that right here.


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