Fun: Trotting with Turkeys


ImageI’ll admit it. Though I’m a Gator graduate, I love the Seminoles. However, my heart also has a “special spot” for turkeys – and not the type you eat, the type who do the 1 mile Turkey Gobbler, the type who do the 5K, 10k and 15k at this year 38th Annual Tallahassee Turkey Trot.

I can’t remember (always a good fall back line) how my family became entangled in this tradition I enjoy so much. None are serious runners –  well, except for my sister who’s conquered 8 marathons. Between us, participants range in age from 14 to 79.

The comfortable locale is set in a business park/neighborhood community, Last year, on Thanksgiving morning, we joined the 5,900+ other fun seekers who participated in the four races and raised more than $43,000 for three local nonprofits. People pay entry fees. No surprise there. People get shirts. No surprise there but what I really dig is that people also bring donations of clothing, personal care supplies, etc. to fill U-Hauls for distribution to residents who need them. Additionally, people called Turkey Trot Heroes tack on at least $35 to their entry fees, which then goes directly to the supported nonprofits.

I imagine there are (human) turkeys trotting throughout the United States in the same manner, but I can’t help but feel akin to those in my hometown. So, yes, this year, I continue the tradition with mystery beginnings. I’ll lace up, corral the relatives and get trottin’.

It’s being able to participate in events like this that remind me to thank God for knees that still bend without pain, for fun-loving folks with charitable hearts, for togetherness. Oh, yeah. And after recovering from my athletic impersonation, I get to be with my family and have a Thanksgiving dinner. Now that’s something to gobble about!




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