FUN: A Song about Creative Writing


I never dreamed that my youngest son would find such great college roommates and that they would form a band. Well, he did and they did and this fall, Chaotic Transit has its CD debut! As a thank you for our support of the project, band member Colby, wrote a custom song for me about any topic. Of course, I immediately knew I needed a song about the middle school creative writing classes I teach.

I sent Colby a list of important words such as revise, shaving work on the “shared drive”, short stories, poems, pens, paper, etc. I also threw in a few words like fortune cookies, which I give as student incentives, and crazy socks, which I wear periodically just because I can. The Super Woman socks with capes are incredible, but I digress.

Give a listen to Colby’s creative ditty, which I plan to play for my kids in the fall when school resumes. I am honored and blessed to be surrounded by so much talent and such wonderful young men who live in a world that presents opportunities as well as plenty of options for sacrificing their true selves. Did you pick up on the fact that I’m proud of them…

Colby, thanks again! I can’t wait for the CD release in the fall. Also, take a moment to see the Chaotic Transit Facebook page!





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