Poem a Day Challenge Day 12: A Broke Poem


It’s all Winston Warner’s fault!
I liked him enough
but what I WANTED was his RESPECT.

“Girls are this and Girls are that!”
he’d spout every afternoon
on our walk home from the bus stop
after grueling middle school days

On and on it went
suffocating me and making me want to 

Between the front entrance of our neighborhood
and my house we walked through lots of grass
that would soon hold new houses

He continued his refrain
and added a new chorus,
“Girls can’t do this and can’t do that”
The challenge had been issued.


Hold it, young man, you’re on!
And with that we raced across the vacant lots
as I gleefully showed him he was
oh, so, WRONG!

And then I tripped, heard a “crack,” 
did a forward roll,
landed on my feet

HA! I’d won.

As we walked toward my house
I didn’t understand why my left shoulder
hung lower than my right one

We parted ways as Winston continued his trek
I opened the door and saw mom
Instead of crying, I began laughing uncontrollably
so out of place.

I turned white.
“I think I broke my shoulder,” I said.

And then, I passed out.

(Yes, this is a true story and I broke my left collarbone defending the honor of girls everywhere to compete against boys.)




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