FUN: Personal Poetry


Poet’s Poem

Sometimes my life as a poet is fruitful…
Bursting with new ideas
Loud and colorful like fireworks on paper,
Fruit in season,
Flowers in bloom.

Other times my life as a poet is dry and barren
The thought of expression hurts.
The words rub together like sandpaper
Being smoothed out and predictable
Instead of unique, glorious, and alive.

Between those times come experiences…
Sunrises, sunsets
Weddings, funerals
Birthdays, parties
Huges, kisses
Silence, music
Cooking, cleaning
Loving, despising
Waking, sleeping
Going, coming
Happiness, sadness
Uncontrollable laughter, tears.

But writing, yes writing,
Brings me back to poetry and its variety…

Touching hearts
And minds. 

My life as a poet is good.


2 thoughts on “FUN: Personal Poetry

  1. Ron McCaskill

    Excellent! Keep on being intellectually hungry so we can feed off of your growth. I pray you enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving. Love and Gratitude, Ronny


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