Fun: All Aboard for Amazement


The best view came from standing between the cars.

I had the ride of my life on the White Pass and Yukon Route located in Skagway, Alaska.

The last time I rode a train I was a kid on summer vacation. Traveling with my parents and sisters, we hopped aboard in Thomasville, George for a several-day-long ride to Michigan, where my father’s family lived. I remember pretty much vowing to never hit the rails again after a crossing accident caused the train to slam to a stop.Fast forward 40 years. I’m on another train – this one in Skagway, Alaska, the northernmost part of Alaska’s Inside Passage. It was a short ride – only 20 miles or so – but one that held me in two places – 1898 and 2012 simultaneously. The White Pass and Yukon Route railway was built during the Klondike Gold Rush. According to, its official website, the railway is one of 36 International Historical Civil Engineering Landmarks. You might recognize three other famous ones: The Panama Canal, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty!

As  I took my place alongside other tourists inside the cars, I listened as the guide narrated. We looked above to see the point of highest elevation. We looked below to see steep dropoffs. The trip climbed 3,000 feet.

This is Inspiration Point along the rails. Aptly named.

What made time stop for me was Inspiration Point.  It was almost too much to take in at once – learning about the railway’s history and creation while trying to process such beauty. Words are truly inadequate, so I’m posting several photos. Hop on! Let’s share the ride!


4 thoughts on “Fun: All Aboard for Amazement

  1. Ronny McCaskill

    Beautiful! I pray some very sweet memories were made that will last a life-time.
    Together in Christ,
    Ronny and Fran McCaskill


    • When I saw the mountains and the many waterfalls and the glaciers it reminded me of the Scriptures taking about “ascending God’s holy hill.” I was pretty speechless. Thanks for commenting. Cheryl


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