FUN: Now I Understand Baby Bear’s Porridge Predicament


Long live the purple pen I’ve had for 5 years. Soon it will be out of the box and IN MY HAND! It was given to me by a group of parents at the end of my first year of teaching.

For five years, it remained silent and secure in a beautiful display box. Self-hinged with a silky lining that said Levenger,  its shimmering purple body and silver accents remained regal and shiny, begging to be held, twisted and put to work. Each time I did the “give away, throw away, put away” routine at home, I gently placed it in a spot so I would see it. Eventually I would break down and tell myself it was fine to use because, well, it had been given to me. I had had a Cross pen before but never a treat as sweet as this. So I kept it to use – one day.

I remembered my messy previous experiences with ink cartridges and my frustrating attempts at calligraphy with various pen nib widths. I was determined that today was the “one day” I’d always put “on hold.”

Armed with the internet, I visited the Levenger website for my instrument of words. I poked around until I found the colored inks – not cartridges, but those in a real well. No more would I be limited to Flair pens [which were my first love in the 70s while making posters as an elementary schooler] or brand name colored markers or my dive into the land of gel pens during my scrapbooking heyday. In my world, more colors meant more happiness. Then I began teaching middle school and the drag but necessity of permanent and dry erase markers invaded my life. Come to think of it, so did rollerball-type pens that mysteriously migrated from the desk of my teaching colleague to mine.  Besides, everyone knew blue and black were so – so limiting. And red? Forget grading with it. It might damage my students’ little psyches [a belief I did not adhere to.]

If only I’d had three beds to choose from like Baby Bear – one too hard, one too soft and one just right. But no, my task was even more challenging.

I clicked the bottled ink tab only to find 14 color choices! Egads. This was going to take a while. Really, I wanted to order them all and decide later but I thought my husband would probably appreciate a little financial restraint.

And so I pondered and considered.

Blue Bahama. My mind drifted to the transparent, tranquil Bahamian waters to which our recent family vacation took us. With 13 folks ranging in age from 13 to 76 the color evoked the freshly made top-notch memories. We even had matching shirts that proudly displayed a ship’s wheel above the breast pocket and “Bailey Family Vacation 2012.” Emblazoned on the back? “Meet me at the buffet!” with a fork, spoon and fork underneath. Blue Bahama was a possibility but I still needed to investigate the other options as well.

True Teal, a close color relative, was a darker rendition but it was too similar to its Blue Bahama counterpart.

Cardinal Red, Calret and Shiraz. Somewhat related, these presented three shades of red. Cardinal, true to its tint, reminded me of the occasional happy hopping birds I see from my parents’ deck on the back of their house. Calret? Too reddish brown.  Shiraz contained a rich cranberry-like hue, but wasn’t “just right.”

Now Cocoa? It had possibilities – if only it had been scented! But visually, too dark and sad.

Blues were next. Cobalt Blue? Too primary colorish. It reminded me of elementary school. Since I had attended three different ones the color made me think of early transitions – too many. I’d pass and keep going. Skies of Blue. Self-explanatory. Empyrean? A nice, solid blue but in the “I’m only creative with the ink color name and not creative the ink color” category.

Then came Raven Black.  A definite negatory on that one. Way, too serious. Way….

Soothing greens followed – Forest and Emerald. Seriously beautifully and different from one another they had a “strike” against them. Both reminded me of money. Mostly, that’s a good thing but it also made me think about budgets. Let’s just say my approach to finances is more creative than practical. Just ask my husband. On second thought, let’s not!

I was starting to fidgit a little knowing that only two more colors remained. Geez. I hope that one would work. The next contestant was Regal – the opulence of glittering purplish jewels. Hey, I thought, I might be closing on “just right.” I slowed my thinking to keep my thoughts clear. It had possibilities. It was definitely in my favorite color category range. Hope started to surface and then – choirs of angels, flashes of lightning and all manner of other defining moment sounds sounded.

There it was – Amethyst. Light hearted, happy and semi-transprent but seemingly unpredictable as well.

Yes, Amethyst would work. I could picture myself exuberantly missing hours in my day because I had been happily handwriting – verse, poetry, blog posts. You name it. Let’s face it, we all know key tapping is efficient but my writing soul would release the trapped topics within me – those that can only be freed by hand.

Yes, Amethyst.  You are the one!

Now, if I can just make it until my prize is delivered in 5 to 7 business days. I guess I could find something meaningful to do like make a menu for the week. The only problem? It won’t be fun to write – until I get my Amethyst ink.


5 thoughts on “FUN: Now I Understand Baby Bear’s Porridge Predicament

  1. Fran

    Oh Cheryl, this is Fran in Ron’s email..A girl after my own heart. I hear your love for the colors and all the tips and what can you do!!!

    God is so good… Blessings as you savor this time of waiting for “the delivery”. Now you have a “wish list” that will be a quick go-to as well.


    • Hi, Fran:
      Thanks for reading and commenting. I think there is a lot of symbolism here and you know that it could be about anything we have to decide – it was just ink colors for me today!

      Who knows? Maybe some of the other colors will be on my “Christmas list.”

      I’m glad God made colors and that he made you my friend!


  2. Darlene


    God gave you such a beautiful, creative mind. Loved the colors!! Show me the ink when you get it – one of my favorite colors!!


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