FAITH: Symbiosis


Realizing new horizons in life takes more than thinking or hoping they will happen.

That tiny yearning deep inside

is a dream that needs watering – even if by tears

fertilizing by the hope in possibility

and time though the amount of it may make you anxious.

As it awakens and stretches

it finds your loving care

has provided a welcoming place to grow

Timid at first, it may slowly reach for watering or fertilizing

as you hope and pray that one day

you’ll meet it.

As you wait, you care for it

because you believe

in strength through growth

As you wait, you imagine

because you know that the future, possibility and opportunity

will be the byproducts of its blooms.

Then one day as you continue

living your everyday life

You are captured by its arrival!

You now realize

that the tiny yearning deep inside

needed YOU – as much as you needed IT.

– Cheryl B Lemine

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