Fun (not): 100% Poem


The Scoop:

I am celebrating National Poetry Month by participating in the Poem a Day challenge through Writer’s Digest. This is the 5th year for the challenge, it promotes poetry writing and sharing. Additionally, it’s not so bad for beefing up your own poetry collection. Each day a cool prompt is listed and then you can write. If you choose, your newly birthed piece can be posted and shared with others worldwide. If I miss a day, I get that day’s prompt and catch up. Why don’t you join me? See the link below.

Here’s my effort at writing a 100% _____________(you fill in the blank) poem.

I'm fortunate to teach writing but read the poem to see what happens! Photo credit: Carlos Porto

I’m never 100%

100% of the time but

I don’t discount

my 70% effort on a tiring day

or my 85% on-task behavior

while teaching 100% of my middle schoolers.

They range in attentiveness and engagement

anywhere from 0 to 90% –

with a margin of error of plus or minus 6%.

If I have fortune cookies I use

To reward amazing attitude or preparedness

I find that not even 100% of the students want

The cookies to eat,

but 100% of them

Do want the fortunes

to glue onto who knows what…

The only problem is that

As they leave,

3% of the fortunes land on the classroom floor

and then

I’m 100% responsible for picking them up!

To see more from Carlos Porto click here:


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