FUN: Self-Inflicted Gift Card Chaos


I’m drowning…in decisions.

All I want to do is spend a $50 gift card I recently redeemed with credit card points. So far I’ve spent probably three days shopping online. Somehow that seems out of whack.

At first, I was after athletic shoes since I work out regularly. However, once I saw the average prices I quickly decided that I didn’t want to spend more than the card’s value. That decision ended that idea.

Next I decide to  simply replace my near-empty fragrance. It’s one I have come to really enjoy for several reasons: 1. I didn’t have to shop for it 2. It was a gift and 3. I didn’t have to shop for it.

Have I mentioned how much I don’t enjoy shopping? Probably. I’ll move on. So after abandoning the shoe idea, I search said site for women’s fragrances only to discover 725 options. I’m way too tired after teaching middle school all week to consider 725 fragrances – unless, someone has invented “scratch and sniff” computer screens thereby eliminating my need to go to a store.

Why does this weird apprehension overtake me? I ask myself. Just make the decision. Order the replacement fragrance and be done with it.

Nope. There’s a new dilemma. That little bottle of “smell good,” as my grandfather would have called it, costs $4 more than my gift card plus shipping and …

“Get over it,” I’m sure some readers are saying.

“What’s wrong with her?” others are reading while rolling their eyes.

I don’t know! It’s just that I grew up in the 80s, I’m re-evaluating my definition of The American Dream (see my previous post)  and $19.99 is my price point. There’s something psychological about all those nines. It makes the price seem…reasonable. But that was until dress jeans, designer jeans and distressed jeans came on the scene.

I’m the one who’s distressed now!

Did I ever mention that my nephew took the guessing out of distressing and did it himself? No highpriced mangled denim for him! After carefully spreading out his new jeans on the driveway, he procured his father’s tools and took away to tearing and ripping. The results looked great and he saved money.

So here I am today – still in possession of the gift card that won’t go away and no closer to spending it.  Guess there’s always the secondary market: sell it for less than face value. It’s a thought.

At least there’d be no shipping, I think.


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