ETC: A Memorial Day Tribute


Memorial Day Weekend 2011

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We don’t know much about sacrifice these days
Because we are the centers of our universe
Making sure we have the latest this or that
To do what we will, when we want and with whomever we desire.

But there are others…
who know the life of “chosen burden”….
who work longer hours  than we can imagine…
train to know what what don’t have to know…
who say “hello” and “goodbye” regularly to their friends and family
through the tears born of commitment that most of us will never understand.

Yet they do this here, in states far from our own
and in countries where daily deliberate violence is the “norm” of the day.
They move their families across the country
or into other countries to be close to them if it’s possible
and they and those loved ones “deal with it” when it’s not possible.

Maybe I won’t have to wait
until I grow up to at least appreciate and reflect
on this uncanny, quiet, strong sacrifice
lived each day in the lives of some I know
and many I don’t.

Thank you seems pretty inadequate but it’s a start.


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