Fun: Day 29: An Ode – at least an attempt


Day 29:  For today’s prompt, write an ode. I’m thinking of odes in the more contemporary sense of being a praise poem, though if people want to get all old school with it, then that’s fine too. If I had more energy, I’d try to write a fitting ode to everyone of you participating in the challenge. (source:

An Ode to Paper

Paper, oh, paper
You are trustworthy to hold my words
That spill from my brain
You capture the captions I write beneath pictures in scrapbooks
You serve as a foundation or decoration

Paper, oh, paper
In your glittered form you dazzle – especially when on sale
As I make cards to deliver smiles
To those who receive them

Paper, oh, paper
As you adorn gifts I think
Of how much fun it should be
To have your job to obscure what’s within

Paper, oh, paper
You grant me authority to permit students
From my classroom into the hall
And I document their return time – just in case there’s a question as to whereabouts.

Paper, oh, paper
You slide through my printer
Without fanfare but doing your job
Unless you get mad – and jam.

Paper, oh, paper
Your temporarily sticky edged forms
Are adored by teachers
Especially if you’re in colorful shapes and sizes

Paper, oh, paper
The holy words you hold
Have changed me forever
And captured me – even through listings of Levitcal laws and geneaologies

Paper, oh, paper
The thought of life without you
Means I’d never be able to write.
Thank you for existing.


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