Fun: Day 15: My Profile Poem


Day 15: For today’s prompt, write a profile poem. When I think of a profile poem, I’m thinking of social media profiles. Personally, I have one for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites like the Writer’s Digest Community website. So you could write a poem that is your own profile, or that of another person (like what would Edgar Allan Poe or Emily Dickinson put in their Facebook profiles). Of course, I’ll accept other takes on the prompt, such as describing a physical profile, or a piece on criminal profiling, etc. As always, the main thing is to write a poem. (

My Profile Poem

The thing about profiles is
That they’re meant to be short and snappy.
My life is the opposite and not all details are for public viewing.

I don’t “check in” at each location as in Four-Square.
I have no desire to be an imaginary mayor.
I rather like being obscure to the populace.

“You’re on Facebook?!” is a common response.

And so I go on – living my life – and rather loving it.

But my phone does have internet – just in case.


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