Fun: Day 13: Extended Mercy


Day 13: For today’s prompt, write a poem that remembers an old relationship. This relationship does not have to be romantic. It could be a departed (or estranged) family member, old friend, former teacher, or even just someone you briefly encountered. And the relationship may have even been one-sided or seemingly insignificant to the other person. So let’s all dig deep into our memory banks and see what we can draw out today. (source:

 Extended Mercy

If only I knew his name.
Or could remember his features.
But I can’t, so I’ll remember his generosity.

It was on a cloudy day – the day before all fundraising money for candy bars was due.

I was sick, but I am a mom and
I was NOT going to pay for the
candy we had not sold.

So I took my boys
to a small office complex
and had them go into each company
to ply their wares.

“I’ll take one.”

“I’ll take two, young man.”

Then it was close to “quitting time.”

We still had 20.
It wasn’t funny.

One last door.
Please sell some more, I whispered.

“How many are left?” the businessman inquired
As he glanced at me in my pitiful state.

“Twenty,” the boys said in unison.

“I’ll take them all.”

The exchange took place –
the box for a $20 bill.

I call him Extended Mercy.


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