Fun: Day 7: What if….poem


Day 7: For today’s prompt, write a “what if” poem.  It could be a “what if” from the past, present or future.  For instance, what if no one discovered electricity?  (How would we do this challenge?) (source:

What if …
we wouldn’t see the sunshine of another day
we wouldn’t see smiling friends who help along our way
we wouldn’t clear the air because we know we have tomorrow
we wouldn’t cry or care at all about each other’s sorrow.

What if…
we wouldn’t get so upset if we have to wait
we wouldn’t get all “up in arms” when our ride is late
we wouldn’t keep track of other’s wrongs because we’ve better things to do
we wouldn’t postpone apologies because we “didn’t want to.”

What if…
we wouldn’t take the time to tell others how we feel
we wouldn’t listen to their side; it’s really no big deal
we wouldn’t toss our words as if they didn’t matter
we wouldn’t trip each other up and laugh at other’s clatter.

What if instead we looked upon each day as just a loan
And chose to live from morn to night in ways that touch the Throne?

What if instead we made the time to share each others’ sorrow
Because we knew no guarantee that we would see tomorrow?

What if instead we heard and gave and cheered each other on
I think I’d like to try that pace and see what it might spawn.


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