Fun: Poem a Day Challenge #4 – My Piano Teacher


For today’s prompt, pick a type of person and write a poem about him or her. To help set the scene, you may want to title your poem as who the type of person is. For instance, you could write a poem titled “Firefighter,” “Cynic,” “Optimist,” “Teacher,” “2-year-old,” etc. The list is endless. (source:

Piano Teacher

He was my last piano teacher – and my best.
Nothing extremely noteworthy about his appearance.
Physically he possessed extreme height.
Not a “rough and tough” man – no matter.

He was tenacious,
a skookum talent
– a God-given giftedness.

And though he couldn’t bequeath those qualities to me,
he motivated me to help develop some semblance
of miraculous music of my own.

Classics first, then pop [music], he said.
Seriously high standards combined with
relentless practice requirements,
and unending expectations that caused me to cower – at first.

His quiet comments came
only after I had finished playing and
he had considered my abilities in relation to my presentation.

Years prior, I had “taken” lessons from grandmotherly types
who taught piano lessons on their back porches and
chastised me for not filling in my practice chart.
Their pianos more like hand-me-downs than
instruments of imagination and potential.

With my favorite piano teacher I studied music
and it provided a meaning that strengthened me.

And then, one day, eight simple words,
he said changed my musical life.
Ta-ta, tentativeness.
Adios, anxious efforts.

Joy replaced drudgery.

“Don’t play like a GIRL. Get INTO it.”

From then on, I did.

Thanks to my favorite piano teacher.


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