Fun: Life Minus Me


Today’s prompt is to write a poem in which you imagine the world without you.  Anyway, it’s interesting to contemplate our individual contributions to this planet in ways small and large. (source:

Life Minus Me

In the year of nineteen sixty-two
I arrived.
I was the only “white baby”
in a hospital nursery segregated by color.

I wish I could have been with the other babies.
I was lonely and I’m sure they would not have cared
What color I was.

In the year of nineteen sixty-four
I became a big sister – bossy in nature
And lovingly referred to by my familial moniker: The Big Mother.
I guess one is NOT enough!

In the years since then
I’ve smiled at those who seem saddened;
I’ve hugged those who allow it;
I’ve prayed for those facing needs I can only help meet that way.

I’ve developed friendships then watched them fizzle
When my father had yet another job transfer
And a “family meeting” was called
To announce another move.

But I arrived.

I made new friends.
Gave more hugs.
Prayed more prayers.
And thanked God.

I’d arrived.

Life Minus Me?
Fewer hugs.
Less bossiness.
Fewer smiles, prayers and writings designed to create
smiles, prayers and hugs.

Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered except
for another writing that made the difference.

It said that  individuals matter;
That God knows the number of hairs on my head;
That I was uniquely created in His image;
That He loves me more than any human ever could.

That means I’m a limited edition.
I’ve arrived.


2 thoughts on “Fun: Life Minus Me

  1. Christina Hansen

    Love it! Beautifully said. That true. You are a loving, hugging, sweet prayer warrior. And you remind us that each of us are wonderfully made for His purpose and loved by our Creator beyond measure. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I forget.


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