Fun: Alphabiographies!


Each year my intermediate students, who are primarily 7th graders, do a project for me where use 20 of the 26 letters in the alphabet to title topics about which they wish to write. They think about events, people, relationships, character qualities. You name it. They write about it.

To give them an idea about how to approach the topic I wrote a few for them in class while they watched it show up on the screen. At the end of each entry the students write a LIFE LESSON (main idea). I included one as well.

This is one of my alphabiographies!

L is for LaVilla

LaVilla. The first experience I had with the school was when I heard about an Arts magnet. My kids were both artistic in different ways and I thought I should get them into an elementary school that would feed into LaVilla. I knew their academics would be strong, that they would be good students. However, I also wanted them to have the opportunity to shine in other areas: hence, the arts. My youngest son loved to draw. My oldest son loved music. I hoped LaVilla would be a special place for them in middle school. Middle school is so hard in so many ways.

And they did. Both my boys went to Lavilla, but who knew that I would have the opportunity to teach at their former school, especially AFTER they were gone. The timing was good. They didn’t have to worry about being “Mrs. Lemine’s kids!” Well, the first two years I didn’t do a whole lot. I was what the administration called, “An Artist in Residence.” I helped in Creative Writing and learned the ropes from the teachers there.

And the day came, last year, when I had my OWN classes for the first time! I was excited. Now instead of only 2 kids, I had almost 100 and we got to spend time together writing.

Most mornings when I get for work, I don’t think of it as such. I think, “Wow, I get paid to be with these great young people who have lots to say and I get to help them be even better communicators.”

That’s what LaVilla means to me.

LIFE LESSON: Sometimes when you make choices for others’ best interests, they become important in your life as well.


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