Fun: Musical Memories


This soundtrack started it all.

It all started today when my husband received a TV show soundtack CD in the mail. He’s a sci fi guy so when I saw Battlestar Galatica I was just glad it wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong. I like soundtracks – especially from movies.

Next I know we’re talking about them and I tell him my latest idea: to play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme in my middle school writing classes. “The only hitch,” I told him, “is that students will be required to NOT include anything of a pirate nature while writing!”

He gave me a “that should really be fun (not)” look while smiling sweetly.

“Maybe I’ll pick other movie soundtracks – even from old Disney films – from when I was a kid,” I suggested. “They really should hear some of different music styles.”

“Like The Million Dollar Duck?” he asked.

My first date was to see this great movie. I was in 2nd grade.

Ahhhh. The Million Dollar Duck.

My thoughts raced back to Roanoke, Virginia and my very first date. Paul Whitescarver. Paul lived down the street from me. He was a good friend and he asked me to go with him to see The Million Dollar Duck. Each time my mom tells the story – in between bouts of laughter – she says I was so excited that I planned to wear not only a dress, but gloves as well.

Don’t blame me. I was in second grade!

And yes, Paul’s mom drove and accompanied us.

“Girls today think they have the corner market on the whole vampire thing with Twilight,” I told my husband. “Heck, on Friday afternoons after school, Paul and I watched a scary TV show in the basement of his house (and yes, his mother was there!) It was Dark Shadows.

“And then, there was the Christmas that Paul received a science kit. It had a microscope, real glass slides and sharp instruments. I even let him poke my finger so we could look at my blood under the scope!”

Oh, to be in second grade again (not!)

Funny how music makes me reminisce.

Then I fast-forwarded to 6th grade. I was now living in Tucker, Georgia, which is northeast of Atlanta. I was a proud member of The

You should be glad I don't have a picture of me in my drill team costume. Just think about how great the music is. That won't spoil it.

Rolling Bones Drill Team at Brockett Elementary School. We had custom made (by our moms) uniforms and white, knee high go-go boots. My debut in the performing world was our entry into a monthly Parent-Teacher Association meeting (PTA) – to the music of Hawaii Five-O.

Today, my husband and I watch a remake of the show.

Those TV and movie themes. What memories.

Just wondering: What musical memories do you have?


2 thoughts on “Fun: Musical Memories

  1. Connie B.

    I enjoyed this one…. I guess you fired your proofreader after all. Found a typo in this story. I use to have a cd of theme music as I needed it for a offsite teambuilding back in the 90’s. We had to explain what our team did, so we decided to come into the room to the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme song. This cd had songs from the 50’s and 60’s I believe. If you want me to look for it, let me know. 🙂


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