FAITH: Looking for Loopholes



It was time for me to decide whom I really believe.

He nudged my spirit this week. I was still in bed thinking through the day’s anticipated events. A personnel changeover in my department, another way lengthy and time consuming online class project, coordinating ticket and candygram sellers for a middle school dance (can you say loud but fun?).


I almost wanted to go back to sleep after making my mental checklist and then….

He nudged my spirit.

For many, the Bible verse in Romans chapter 8 verse 28 is a very familiar one. It states, “All things work together for the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

And then I heard it.

“Well, Cheryl,” the still-small voice said. “Is it true or not?”

I was shocked. Between waves of grief from my sister’s passing late last year, to more professional changes and demands I could ever have imagined, I thought, “Why are God and I having this conversation? Of course, it’s true….except….”

And that’s when I realized I wanted a loophole. A “fill in the blank” for the scripture. One that might go something like, “I can do all things through Christ – except EDE 4302 Instructional Management – which gives me strength…. “ or “I can do all things through Christ – except take on administrative departmental responsibility – …” You get the picture.

And then I heard it again. No, not an audible voice, but one I knew was meant only and specifically for me.

“Is it?”

It’s NOT an open ended question!

And then I realized I was at a crossroad of intellectual agreement and faith. If I simply agreed intellectually – I could go on my merry way, work as hard as I possibly could and pay the consequences (in weight gain, in stress, in the “watch how busy I am envy me look”, etc.) OR, I could see down that road, see that what my wonderful work ethic was great but not enough. I could take comfort in what natural affinities I have for teaching kids to write and realize that with an upcoming show and other major events in the next months, I could easily crash and burn. I could be so busy that my about-to-graduate youngest son might forget what I look like.

To be honest, I didn’t like that view.

So, I’m on a spiritual and very practical precipice … and I decided to make a declaration. Of course the whole world is interested in my Facebook status updates, so naturally I posted it there.

I decided that Romans 8:28 did not have a fill in the blank for exceptions, that God’s word was enough whether or not I could see the outcome of future events, like or dislike the outcome of said future events, etc.

“Yes, Lord,” I said after realizing what He was asking. “It’s right. You’re right. And I’m glad.”

Just wondering: Have a story you’d like to share? Feel free.


4 thoughts on “FAITH: Looking for Loopholes

  1. Teri Wareing

    Hi C,
    I just read your post again. It really spoke to me. Thank you so much for sharing it. I’m sure this isn’t a new idea, but I thought how helpful it would be to substitute what you’re trying to do in the blank. “I can — conquer that fear that overtakes me — through Him who gives me strength.” “I can — live in the present — through Him who gives me strength.” “I can — trust He will guide me — through Him who gives me strength.” And that knowing that it’s His strength we rely on, not our strength, makes the impossible possible.


  2. kathy

    Loved it Cheryl and love u! Let’s just focus on what our purpose is…God’s purpose for our lives and work all of that accordingly for HIS glory. Moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, week by week and that’s way past even my visualization at this point. I think I will focus on day by day which still competes for moment by moment at times. I love u!


  3. Hi Cheryl! So glad you emailed me! And YES I love reading books that are filled with things that honor God and are worthy of praise! Amazing how similar our lives are . . . and YES, I know exactly what you mean regarding the things God “shows” you. I’m always in awe at how amazing He is in every way. Truly, once I was blind, but now I see! Let’s keep in touch!


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