Fun: Shuffling Along


Any suggestions for my Shuffle?

Except for the five fun colors part, I thought the “solid, sleek, durable – and the perfect fashion accessory” description could apply to my husband – but I was wrong! Instead, these glowing words pointed toward a 1” square metal music machine with which I have now entered the 21st century.

Finally! I can look good while I listen to music. A problem for years – you know – listening to music and not looking quite right – has been eating at my core. As an added bonus, I can now listen to music longer than I stay awake because the battery can last 15 hours!

There’s more!  Its “clickable, control pad” boasts an 18 percent increase in size from previous models so now I can not only see but use the music controls. Hip Hip Hooray! No reading glasses today!

My spontaneous side – microportions still do exist – can now safely cohabitate with the side of me that prefers order because – newsflash! –  my Shuffle does not have to shuffle. I want that option when I hit my 60s or 70s! But back to today, if I want to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks (and yes, I know what the latter two are!) in a predetermined fashion I can and I WILL!

For my foreign music – this crazy little contraption can even tell me the title and artist in one of 25 different languages. I’m hoping English is one of them!

Now to assemble an eclectic, personalized playlist…  Things were simpler when I grew up. I just listened to music in whatever order a radio disc jockey wanted to play it. Now I am the DJ! How does that “synch” with mom and middle school teacher on the ole’ resume?! And for the musically challenged, The Genius Mix feature finds songs that sound great together. No more clashing music. Ahhhh.

And no excuses either for loneliness! If I “friend” the company on Facebook, I can have 9.7 million other friends! Yippee!


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