Family: An Abecedarian in Karen’s Honor


Christmas without Karen

After midnight, at 12:05 a.m. exactly
began a new round of family
celebration – with one conspicuous absence.
Dare we go on and be
excited about the day’s symbolism,
familiar family routines and traditions?
“Go ahead, it’s OK,” is my
heavenly mandate.
“I’m celebrating, too, and I can’t wait to see you,” she says.
“Join the singing!”
Karen is in the presence of the Christ-child
loving Him,
making sure that His story is
never forgotten and that it lives on through
our lives, our decisions, our
prayers – for ourselves and others – even when the
quickness of sorrow, pain and loss
remind us that she’s not here. However, we know
she would say, “Continue celebrating and
though we are not in each others’ company, it won’t be long
until we are reunited as promised in Scripture.” Continuity in Christ
validates faith because it cannot be accomplished on our own. So,
we pray and we say, we WILL see you, Lord! Enable us to grow and share.
examine us as we live to propel
YOUR light, YOUR message, YOUR hope – and while 
Z may be alone we  know that WE are NOT!

Thank you Jesus for making sure of that!


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