Fun and Family: Making Do


There's something cool about using what you DO have and not worrying about what you DON'T.

“So, did you and dad get tired after putting 15 ornaments on the tree?” my oldest son asked the other night.

His question brought to the forefront that life is changing – kids are moved out – kids are working and the only people together most of the time are me and my husband. No complaining here!

“No one was around except me and dad,” I explained.

“I didn’t get an invite,” he responded.

“Well, now that you’re here for dinner, you could put on a few ornaments. The box is still out,” I hinted.

“Not my idea of entertainment,” he surmised.

And there it was. My tree with 15 ornaments.

What was I to do?

Make do.

Let me explain.

Yes, it took me 2 weeks to completely decorate the tree. To be honest, I would have been fine with the 15 ornaments  but I did find fun unwrapping the bits of family history and placing them on our fake but lovely evergreen. There’s the 40+ year old milkweed pod I painted in first grade. The ancient felt elf my grandmother hid in her tree. And the NASCAR ornament of my husband’s favorite racing driver. And more.

Actually, the tree looks pretty respectable now.

“What happened to the ‘O’?” my husband asked surveying the area where our family Christmas stockings hang. I have the letters N-O-E-L as stocking hangars. Usually we spell ‘N-O-L-E’ since we are FSU fans, but this year, it’s just N-L-E. I couldn’t find the ‘O’ in my box.

Then disaster struck while I was wrapping presents! Horror of horrors, I ran out of tape! Since I am a woman of determination I kept working by using the next best and most convenient item – clear packaging tape. I rather enjoyed its wider width and found myself taping with more confidence and ease than ever before! The only thing more fun might have been duck tape – but it would have clashed with my gift wrap.

And so, while my tree, our stockings and my gift wrapping aren’t a vision of perfection,  let it be known that I am finding again that joy in the season is deeper than all three.


2 thoughts on “Fun and Family: Making Do

  1. Yes, the reason for the season is not in the details. However…. I find myself missing the details when no one else cares if they are there. We are in a special club, missy. I, too, experienced a similar situation with my college student, and my busy senior. Much love!


  2. It’s funny how we strive for perfection and the supposed acceptance that brings even though we know God loves our imperfect selves perfectly and completely. As a “recovering Type A” I struggle daily with the battle to attain perfect control over everything knowing full well God has it covered and I should just follow Him and rest. Enjoy your holiday, beautiful imperfections and all!


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