FUN: The Liberty of Opinion


I reconciled with Liberty about her height and mine.

I am staunchly American. I love my country, those who serve it and the ideals on which it was established.

I was, however, saddened during the hoopla of Spring Break 2010 when I stood at the foot of Lady Liberty.

“Man, she’s too short,” I thought out loud hoping no one would glare or escort me away.

I couldn’t believe it as I made my way around the base visually investigating from all angles.

Impressive? Yes.

A statue of significance? Of course.

But she seemed height impaired and I almost felt a momentary kinship as I stood there in all my 5′ glory, neck craned in various unnatural positions taking it all in.

The 65 foot tall foundation was a factor. The 89 foot tall granite pedestal was a factor. And the Lady herself? She’s 151’1″. That means the foundation and base are taller than she is – and even though you don’t see the entire concrete foundation it was enough to bother me. The proportions puzzled me. I felt jipped by the photos I’d seen my entire life. But I was there and going to make the best of it.

She’s beautiful in every other way – a 3 foot long (wide mouth), a 35′ waist, and a 42′ long right arm, which holds the ever lit torch.

Since I love to write, I admired her tablet – a mere 13’7″. And well, if I had a 10′ width around MY head, I’d be pretty impressive as well. Smart, too, probably!

So I stood. I admired. And I realized after all that foundations matter greatly, too. Foundations determine longevity and strength and even if I felt Liberty a little disproportionate, I knew that being in her presence was more important than whether or not I was personally comfortable with what stood beneath her.

Once that was settled, I let my family wait a few minutes on me as I sat and wrote a poem.

I felt welcomed – and I came by plane from Florida and my tourist boat from shore. Amazing.

To read the poem I wrote and see a picture of me writing it on site see my blog post: FUN: A Poem on April 15.

Just wondering: Please tell me about a time your impressions were different that what you had expected.


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