FAITH: Ouch!


Ever felt like this? Fortunately, God is consistent in His presence and protection - whether or not we FEEL like he is.


When last we met, I posted a picture of a plaque that featured a saying that God is holding you in the palm of his hand. 

Well, so much for ME encouraging YOU. I think God had me post that photo (see previous entry) because he knew the next day I would need reminding  –  about my location. 

Actually, I felt as though I had unexpectedly rolled over and fallen out of God’s palm, hit the pavement and I must say, it did NOT feel good.  

It hurt when I received a call telling me a younger sister had been unexpectedly hospitalized –  two days before our extended family was to leave on a bi-annual trip. 

It shredded my emotions to know that her recent months of relative health were back in the “unpredictable zone.” 

And I was surprised when I found myself turning to my friend in church, burying my head in her shoulders and boo-hooing through the praise and worship time. 

All I really have to say after this week is that I did NOT fall out of God’s hand. He did NOT turn it upside down as a cruel joke to see if I had SpiderMan like skills to stay put. 

No. I was safe  – in the middle of his hand as was my sister and our 13 other family members. 

How do I know? 

I wouldn’t be writing this if I hadn’t survived because while I couldn’t physically see God,  he sent people my way to hug me, listen, etc. I even had one woman – a Chick Fil A employee – remind me how powerful God is and that I CAN be strong for my sister.  

That’s more than existing – at least in my book.  

Just wondering: Do times when you can’t physically SEE God make YOU feel as though you fell out of his hand?  



One thought on “FAITH: Ouch!

  1. Derrick

    I heard a quote years ago…99% of what God is doing we can’t even see. As we look back, we find that God is consistently faithful ans trustworthy. Been praying for you all…


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