FAMILY, FAITH and FUN: Groovy Graduation


Marking milestones with others is strengthening.


Why is that when pregnancy occurs that “someday” sneaks up on you? Suddenly, you’re standing before a child who is taller (in my case) than I am and complaining about how dorky the graduation gear looks. 

Would he ever believe that I felt the same way (about the graduation garb) almost 30 years ago? Would he realize that the 50+ people ranging in age from 2 to 80 yesterday came because they have some sort of involement or investment in his life and they want to share the celebration as well? 

God knows that we can’t always (or don’t need to) see life’s path since He’s with us on it. 

 After the chocolate fountain had been cleaned, the leftover cake covered and the guests were gone, I landed on the couch with aching ankles and would have done it all over again. As a matter of fact, I will next year anyway for my next son. The point is that it’s not the cards and money (nice) that are important. It’s not the food or clandestinely prepared slide show. It’s the fact that people matter. Your life is part of theirs and your success and achievements are in a small way blessings of encouragement from you to them. For listening. For being there. Maybe even for just being related. 

 No matter how disdainful the cap and gown, how many times one hears music to mark a milestone, God blesses us not only with the child, his growth, his graduation, but the ability and pleasure of realizing that intertwined lives are stronger lives and that supporting one person is doing likewise for the whole. 

And, in the words of my generation, I think that’s pretty groovy.


2 thoughts on “FAMILY, FAITH and FUN: Groovy Graduation

  1. Janet Wicker

    Congratulations, Cheryl…what a wonderful milestone for you both. I often believe a mother needs to get a certificate on that day for persevering through the years to get a child to that point…but then, there is reward waiting,presented by your Eternal Father! I am so happy to be connected to your blog. Blessings to you!!


    • Janet: Thank you for posting a note! I’m glad you’re reading. Feel free to let others know. This time tomorrow night he’ll be out of high school. One plays in band at the ceremony, one is in it, family is coming and I can’t wait for us all to be together! Drop by often. – Cheryl


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