FUN: The Yummy Kind


It was a typical Tuesday night with an atypical chill that made pizza sound like a winning mealtime option.

My then 12 year-old gladly searched through the coupon magazine we received that day in the mail. With authority he read to me the various “meal deals”. It was a litany of seemingly endless food options.

It’d be easy and a night off KP, so I listened and considered.

“Two for Tuesdays” was the offer from one national chain. Unfortuantely, we remembered what we had forgotten – that our last encounter with “Two for Tuesdays” left us hungry and pizzaless because our order was lost for several hours.

“Order pizza online,” boasted another claim.

“Oh, why not get into the 21st century?” I thought. “As long as they don’t want too much information…”

So we connected to the anonymous electronic computerized community. We managed to enter my email address and “yum yum” for the password. We even got our city, state and ZIP code right but our sign in procedure was deemed “invalid” and the screen directed us to a tollfree number for help.

I didn’t want help! I wanted pizza!

Forget technology, I thought. Time was ticking, stomachs were growling and we decided to try a less complicated procedure – phoning in the order.

Our favorite pizza place is located just down the road – within five minutes from our house.

Beeep. Beeeep. For heaven’s sake – all that answered was a fax machine!

Moments mattered and our desire for dinner now required drastic, successful measure – a personal visit to place our order.

Within minutes the too-hot-to-handle cardboard carrier of cuisine landed with a loud smack onto the pizza place’s counter. As it let off its steam, it punctuated our presence with the perfume of pepperoni and all was right with the world.

Yum. Yum.

(Written 2004)

Just wondering: What experiences have you had where simpler won over technology?


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