ETC: 4 Minutes with a Teacher


Between now and the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year I’m actively looking for 180 teachers (public, private and/or homeschool) who are willing to be featured in a project on which I’m working.

“4 Minutes with a Teacher” is designed to give you an idea of what a teacher can communicate in a short time frame.  I used the amount of time we have between classes at my middle school as the time limit. Why the 180 instructors? That’s how many days are in the public school calendar.

Some teachers may complete a paragraph. Some may have to stop in the middle of a sentence, but they all have 4 minutes in which to write on any appropriate topic for the blog.

Are you an educator or do you know one personally? Please ask them to contact me for more ideas.  In the meantime…I have to go….My 4 minutes is up!


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