FUN: Hairy Idea – Update 2: 15 Months to Go and Being Green


Photo 2 - May, 2010


When last I wrote about my Rapuzel Quest – I explained its two-fold  purpose. One: to help by providing 8″ to 9 ” of hair for a charitable group. Two: to try and time the cutting near my 50th birthday. Kerri, my stylist, estimated a 12- to 18-month process.  

So here we are three months into the project and I have to admit it:  last week was hard. The growing-out process is psychological. I found myself purchasing small barrettes to help pull some hair back from  my face.  

All of a sudden I felt 6 years old again.  

But back to the story.  It had been 6 weeks since my last visit.  No wonder I was going crazy as I’m usually “in the chair” every 4 weeks or so.  

Now last weekend brought with it a change to my hair. Let me explain.  

As a reward trip for their hard work this year, my fellow creative writing teacher, another teaching friend and I (plus chaperones, of course) took 30 of our advanced writers to Savannah, Georgia for ghost tours, cemetery research and and plain ole’  fun, which still exists, by the way.  

Before placing tape on the outside of our students’ doors at the hotel (a precaution to deter sneaking out!) one room of girls invited the three of us to drop by. While there, one young lady straightened my hair. She works at her uncle’s shop on weekends. I could tell she knew what she was doing since she moved the flat iron confidently from my scalp to the ends. Secretly, I was really hoping for braids, but the straightening was wonderful. I was amazed at her patience and the end result. Of course everyone liked it and it was official when my husband gave it the thumbs up after I arrived home.  

Next another student offered to do my nails. I sat across from her on the other side of a glass inlaid coffee table as I surveyed the 20+ bottles of nail polish. I think the only one missing was a glow-in-the-dark variety!  

“What do you want me to do?” Margaret asked as her eyes smiled.  

Geez, I thought to myself. Don’t say something boring – definitely not just one color.  

Recently, I had seen myriad designs on the nails of middle school girls. I had never thought of my nails as 10 tiny art canvases, but they had!   

Quick, I pressed my thought. Make a reasonably “hip” choice  – and fast. It was hard. It was 11 p.m. I’m usually asleep by then.  

So while Margaret waited anticipating her next art project, I blurted:  “I’d like pink with purple polka dots on my left hand and purple with pink polka dots on my right hand.”  

I about fainted. What did I just say?  

At any rate, the results were beyond cute and many of my colleagues complimented me at school this past week.  

But back to Kerri and my hair. Once my husband mentioned that he liked the straightened look I suggested she teach me what I needed to do to maintain it. Step by patient step she showed me what to do.  

“Wow, your hair is really growing!” she commented with pleasure.  

It was amazing to me. I actually feel my hair now and it moves. And it’s straight. And I’m well on my way to making my goal – even though I wonder how the hair on my head continues to win when I see so much on the bathroom floor!   

As for my nails, not so much. I hated to make my polka dots disappear, but the chipped polka dot look is the ultimate in unbecomingliness. I think I just made up that word!  

So, while my tresses aren’t nearly long enough to toss over the railing for Prince Charming, they’re making progress and I’m having fun. Want to join me?  

 By the way, what hair was trimmed off today is being accumulated by the salon and shipped off to help with restoration efforts in the oil spill clean up.  

Just wondering: What goals drive you crazy?  

If you want more information about the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, to which I’ll be donating my hair, click the link here: 


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