FAMILY and FUN: Of Suitcases and Smiles


No this isn't my child but you get the idea!


Today when you mention suitcases, it probably accompanies a rise in blood pressure. 

Is it small enough to fit on board a plane? In your trunk? Can you pack inside everything you need? If you’re flying, is there’s a charge to check it instead of carrying it on? Is it locked? Do the wheels help instead of hinder? 

You get the idea. 

When I think of suitcases, it’s because of a memory someone ELSE had about my children – when they were much younger and we lived across the street from Mr. Buddy and Mrs. Kay. (See Of Stickers, Raisins and Graduations.) You see, Mr. Buddy’s sister from Virginia came for periodic visits and as such was automatically transplanted into the neighborhood grandparent-type role Mr. Buddy and Mrs. Kay voluntarily assumed. 

Seems Mr. Buddy’s sister reminded him of a time my eldest – who is now almost 19 – walked across the street to announce that he was going on a trip and had his suitcase packed. Then my son summoned Mr. Buddy and his sister to come and see what he had packed. The suitcase was even lying flat in our driveway if I recall correctly. 

So as affirming adults who gave children a “good listen,” both Mr. Buddy and his sister obliged my son as he accompanied both of them back across the street and motioned to the suitcase. The gist of the story is that my eldest – who was probably no more than 7 – unzipped the suitcase it to reveal – his little brother – who was probably no more than 5!  And the little brother was in on the gag. 

I’d like to say there’s some deep brotherly bonding meaning in that my eldest would always want my youngest close at hand or that they would always travel through life supporting one another, but it was just one of those simple moments that makes you smile. 

Sometimes I think life comes and goes with such speed that even a mother has periodic memory blackouts that others come by and illuminate. This was such a case. 

I’m glad Mr. Buddy’s sister remembers the brother-in-suitcase story. It made my day. 

Just wondering: When has someone remembered an event in your life that you had forgotten? How did it make you feel? Post your story if you wish!


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